Wednesday, November 21, 2007

snip snip

Mmmmmm...I'm sitting here eating my yogurt parfait and baking these. I also just got finished doing extra cardio :)

Yesterday we went hiking and I came to the killer hill that I huff and puff and whine and groan about. So once we started Mike said okay Ape here we go be tough and I thought darnit I am tough so I just took off and ran up the f*cker. Mike was so proud of me and my lungs wanted to kill me. Of course then he took off an ran the next 1/2 mile and I jogged it. I got done and he said I win being all smug and competitive as usual. So I said yes good for you high school track star I just squatted what you weigh yesterday and I still did that:)

I saw Game Plan last weekend and it was a really cute movie. My friend and I went to the matinee so it was cheaper because it wouldn't be worth the full price but the Rock was hot and the little girl in it was a doll. Tomorrow we are going with his family to see the Bee Movie. Then Friday my mom and I are going to see Enchanted. Mike and I have been renting the series Dexter also. It is about a serial killer who kills serial killers. My kind of show and it's great!

Oh yeah, seeing it I know i'm going to be thinking why did I cut my hair AGAIN! Amy Adams has such pretty long red hair. Mine was getting long enough to put in curlers until I went and got it whacked again yesterday :) I think it's cute though but I haven't tried to fix it myself yet so i'll let you know.

When I was taking my socks off today after the treadmill I looked in the mirror and saw a shoulder muscle! I was bending over so I think when I do cut they may be bigger woohoo! Oh I can't wait for cardio and starvation


Reese Mortensen said...


woot woot!!! shoulder muscle cominggg!

Wow, i bet ya must be proud of that.

How was your hubby feeling after you told him you sqatted his weight? LOL

Post a pic of your hair...will ya???


By the way, i got a new blog: www.themaingofabobybuilder.blogsome.com

:-) check it out!

Stef said...

Hi April!

I clicked on the link to what you were baking....YUMMMMMM! Will you make me some of those and bring them to my comp???? Please????? OMG, those look so good! OH yeah, must compose myself....must tell myself that they really don't look very good right now because I am in training.....they actually look downright nasty, right? yuck, right??? LOL!!!

Shoulder muscles ROCK!!!! Yay April! You are gonna be a brick sh!thouse for your comp!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!


Lori said...

I know better than to click on that link!!! I don't need it, LOL

I am happy about your shoulder muscle, you're looking great already.

sonniejane said...

Hey April, I bet you will be eating those last words, more cardio and starvation? No way! Those candy cups look deeeeelicious too.

You are gonna have a great set of delts.