Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kentucky Muscle

My friend Jodi and I went to the prejudging yesterday afternoon. All I can say is WOW!!! Those girls had it going on!!! I was in awe of Elaine Goodland although I don't think she placed that well but she is just beautiful.

Our goal was to see Jenny Lynn but I think she was only at the booth during the evening show so we missed her:( I carry this girls pic in my purse though and I snagged a photo of her! Miss Julie Lohre

My camera sucks taking pics at shows so they didn't turn out that great. You can tell how blinged up the suits are though.

Tony put me back on my bulking diet UGH! Yesterday I got a pumpkin spice nonfat iced latte mmmm......My eating was junk yesterday. I took a pack of tuna and a protein bar and that's all I had until I got home and ran to Arby's and got a Martha's vineyard salad. I'll make up for it today though.

All the beautiful Pros yesterday


Stef said...

I really enjoy going to shows! I must do more!

Good luck on the bulking diet!


Reese Mortensen said...

I want to cryyyyyyyyyyyy. With my leg i wont be able to get into that shape as planned :-( SO PICS OF SUCH NICE GIRLS (LIKE JULIE LOHRE) DO MAKE ME SAD :-( (I WAS WORKING OUT, BROKE LIGAMENTS IN KNEE). Anyway....i bet its super motivating to see'em in action huh? :-)

Keep on with the bulking diet! You gonna rock a your next comp.


B said...

lucky you - looks like it was a great show with lots of motivation

Colette said...

That would be so cool to go and see!

Must be nice having a big family like you do.

How can you not like bulking?? Now you get to eat!! ;)

thirtysomething said...

How exciting! This looks like it was an awesome show! Those girls are so muscular! It's a good thing Tony has you back to bulking, learn to love it girl, you want to look like that don't you...it won't be long, keep eating and lifting!! Hide in some cute sweats (it's winter, what better time), and follow Tony's lead, he'll get you cut when the time is right!! I'm thinking you'll have shoulders like those girls by the time you do your next show :)