Friday, November 23, 2007

Betty Crocker

So my baked macaroni and cheese turned out AWESOME! I am proud of myself and hell yes I had some. My little reese's cup brownies were awesome too. Lori has caught on when I have something linked and you are on a diet don't look :)

Since we got our new laptop all our pictures were on the old one. Mike's dad is a geek and transferred them for us. So I was going through them and got a little sad. Why didn't anyone tell me how good my body looked?

Just kidding. Seeing this makes me want it even more. I'm so excited to see my new muscles. It just sucks that the cottage cheese and chubby cheeks are a part of it. Actually I can't believe how thin my thighs were in some of the pics. Here comes the negative side of my brain.....why can't I naturally be thin? Why is eating oats and yams making me bigger when some women eat like crap all the time but stay thin. Sure they are not healthy but they are thin. Then this side of my brain takes over....April the thin women don't look good, the feminine muscular physique is what you are achieving and the thin women on the tabloids and in crackhouses don't have muscles. It must have been the morphine I was addicted to when I was young geesh.

I saw the Bee Movie and it was okay but nothing like they hyped it up to be. Today I will go and see Enchanted after I walk my doggy!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that picture! You look amazing, girl!

Yup, so did NOT check out that link either. No-no, I need to stay strong and only eat what Tony tells me to. Not gonna stray!

Shoulder muscles are COOL.

DB said...

That picture is INCREDIBLE! Imagine the same one with bigger muscles, you are so getting there! I totally understand the two sides of the brain thing, and I have the same argument in my head. How come I have to work so hard and [fill in the blank] eats cheese and fried fry all day and weights 110 pounds. Oh but if we could only see each others' insides, I bet us chicken and asparagus eaters would look way better :) Keep it up girl!

thirtysomething said...

April you big doof! The side of the brain that is doing all of the negative thinking is the same side that looks at that picture and sees chubby cheeks and cottage cheese, WTF!! You look fabulous girl, and look at all of that new muscle!! Awesome, you'll be back in competition shape by summer, Tony will get you there, and you'll look even better! Go look at some pro pictures, make a poster if you have to, start "seeing" that muscle on you, and go through the motions right now, you still look as good as you did on your competition day, you just don't feel like you look that great. You need to shut off that negative thinking before you start looking like you feel! Trust Tony, do what he says...you look great!!!

:) Tina

sonniejane said...

What chubby cheeks and cellulite? You look so great and all buff and everything. WOW!

I had to peek darn it at those stickin reese things and they look freaking delicious. I will never look again when you have it linked.

Stef said...

The brain can be good and evil! We have to decide which one we let in control. Just know that "good" is stronger and more powerful that "evil". Even when "evil" is in control, the "good" is always fighting to get back!

I know it is hard, but you really have to look at where you now compared to your January 1st pix. You have made an incredible transformation. The other thing to remember...which I know you KNOW this.....we can't survive at our competition day weight and bodyfat. It just doesn't happen.

April, you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful body that you are sculpting into an INCREDIBLE body with big muscles. Remind yourself of that.


Laurie said...

That is a smokin' picture of you! So, no review of Enchanted? I really want to see that one. Think I'll end up taking the little one to Bee movie when it hits the $1 theatre