Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Vacation all I ever wanted".......

You know the song and no i'm not going anywhere :( I'm off until the 26th WooHoo!!! We were planning on going to Florida until Mike's tires went flat, laptop broke and then our Tv installation. Seriously though I don't have that vacation stress and i'm glad we're staying home. That is why I love to cruise. There is always a gym and healthy food for me to choose. I may be pathetic but that is just the way I am.

I got my $40 worth of pills in the mail today. Oh and my $80 of creatine and protein powders last week. No one said getting buff was cheap HA! I'm starting to get use to my chub now. It's not the same chub look as I had Jan 1st. Since i'm on vacation i'll take some pics, after I spray tan my white a$$.

I just need to remember my new mantra: I'm eating to GROW and FUEL my workouts. Mmmm....just finished my Met-rx MRP Yumbles :)

I told Tony today that I haven't done any extra cardio yet this week. I told him I would get some in since i'm on vacation. So my workout for tomorrow are a few abs and 30 mins ending cardio. He said to get some extra in and that is an order LOL!!

Mike has school tonight so I'll probably clean, or I could get on the treadmill. HA! I'm going to clean. Mike and I are looking at a new living room suit and it's dark brown leather and they are sofa recliners. Oh goodness we will veg all weekend if we got that.


Sunnie said...

I was thinking about creatine but I know nothing about it. Any tips?

Glad you are having a stress free holiday.

Stef said...

Aaahhhhhh, Vacation! Time to decompress!!!!!


Tina said...

I was going to ask Tony about Creatine, as I was taking it before I started with him, but I never did, I guess if he wanted me to take it he would tell me to! Anyhow, can you tell what are the other pills? I'm intrigued!

Can't wait for pic's! I'll be taking mine this weekend too!

:) Tina

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Vacations are wonderful, even if you ARE just staying at home! Hope you get to do some good relaxing. You're gonna be so buff and muscular, girl!!!

Unknown said...

wooohoooo! You rock girl!!!!!

Enjoy your vacation, okkk??? (Thats an order lol).

Yeah, getting buff aint cheap at all!!!!


Colette said...

Glad things are going well for you. I used to take Creatine and it did help with the soreness the next day. I didn't notice any other benifits from it though.

Enjoy those reclyners...heaven ;)