Saturday, September 29, 2007

I was trying to be naughty

The tearoom was great! We all had a terrific time! My chicken salad was tasty and it had apples shhhh.....I actually bought this dessert at Target today. Just as a joke I sent the picture to Tony and ask if I can include this in my new plan. To my suprise here is his answer "great....put a little cinnamon on it and it'll be perfect" HUH? WHA-WHA-WHA??? I told him I was trying to be naughty! I think I am going to like gaining this muscles :)

When I was buying asparagus at Target the young clerk asked me what it was?? I should have said avacado since those are waaayyy cheaper.

My mom really approved of my addage of 5 lbs. to my body :) I forgot to metion but when she was putting tanner on me she started tearing up saying I was too thin....it was kind of sad. I told her you see me eat all the time mom. I have just been doing A LOT of carido don't worry. My aunt and mom are both wanting me to make them a new diet now. I told them try www.dreambodies.net his name is Tony LOL!! Which also reminds me that on show day during the prejudging and actual show I went to my mom's and sent Tony a pic from her computer. He said it took him a while to figure out who it was LOL!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Woohoo! It's Friday!

My week of relaxed eating and workouts is almost over. This week Tony gave me 35 mins walk for monday, 1 hour walk for Tuesday, Full body Wednesday, Abs Thursday, Full body Friday and Abs Saturday. I'll be doing a bit extra cardio on Sat. and Sunday too :) Remember the weights were only because I asked and i'm glad I did!

I went out to Chili's for lunch today and ordered the tilapia and veggies. It feels good to be able to hang with my co-workers again. Actually once I told them I couldn't eat out with them anymore they stopped eating out on Friday's too. I guess i'm the glue LOL!! We all had a good time today though. I did well with my meals but there were a bunch of M&M's and boston baked beans througout the day too. Oh and one Reese's cup, I really don't even like those either????

I have to say since I COULD eat bad once and again I am surprised at how well I didn't let it get out of control. Oh which reminds me that I weighed in this morning at 112.4 so i've gained 4.8 lbs!! It feels good though and i'm not worried about it. I know Tony is putting together an awesome new program for me to start on Monday.

Tomorrow I am going to Auntie M's tearoom and I can't wait!!! I may take my camera because the place is just to dang cute! I am also going out dancing and possibly drinking a few with my sister tomorrow night. Now my hubby says he may want to go too! I'm usually the life of the party when we go out but when he's out it's all on him!! I told him he just wants to go because he sees how hot I can be now HA!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Refreshed and back at it ........sort of

Today was my first weight workout since last Wednesday. I actually asked Tony for it HA! He wanted me to just do some light cardio all week but I was going nuts!!! It felt good too so i'm glad to get my body pumpin again!

Okay here the food damage and no I'm not going to weigh myself :) Actually I haven't been that bad and Tony told me to go ahead and have one cheat meal a day if I wanted. I've tried not to but.....it happens! Sunday was the worst! I had all those dark chocolate M&M's, PB&J french toast, leftover BBQ chicken pizza, rice cakes, PB&J sandwich, Mocha Frappicino, i'm sure i'm forgetting some things in there but lets just say the PB is gone :) I threw away an unopened pkg of rice cakes just cause I knew I would eat them if they were there. Monday I had 7 no bake cookies mmmmmm.....talk about being sick later ugh! Then Tuesday I had more BBQ chicken pizza that this guy I work with made from scratch YUM! Everything else has been healthy though so that good. Mike and I went out to the Outback last night and I had the Ahi tuna salad and avoided the bread basket. Yes, will power is coming back!

While we were there I told him that I would cheat at least once a month. He was happy to hear that. Then after talking with Tony the plan he is going to put me on will include weekly cheats!! HUH WHAT!!!!????? YIPPEE! I told him I may not take them that often and he said that's okay just do what I need to and we can reevaluate at any time. I love him! In a non-sexual way of course;)

So Monday i'll start my new plan until then i'm eating clean with a few crappy things thrown in there. Today my meals went like this:

1/2 cup egg whites/oats
3 oz tuna, 3 oz green beans
1 chicken salad
1 whole bag of trail mix
skipped whey shake (sick of trail mix)
worked out
skipped MRP (still sick of trail mix)
Chicken and asparagus

See it looks good except the trail mix LOL!!!!

One more thing, I was burning 6000+ cals a week and so far i've burned 842 this week hee hee! That's less than one day during prep! Ahhhhhh relaxing :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wonderful day

Hello everyone!! I have such a fabulous time yesterday! I didn't even have time to think about how hungry and dried out I was :) It seemed like after prejudging everyone went out to eat and got hamburgers etc....not me. I ate my chicken and asparagus and sipped my water. It worked too because I wasn't all bloated for the night show!

There were 9 girls total. 4 shorties and 5 talls. I got 2nd in the shorties and 2nd in the open class. I felt awesome all day long! My pooch was gone and my fat wasn't hanging over the sides of my suit which made me very happy. The T-walk was so much fun and my song was The Whistle Song and everyone loved it. Keisha who I knew would win if you've followed my blog ended up winning the whole Ms. Indiana Naturals title so that is who I got beat by and that makes me happy :) She has also been training for 13 years vs. my 9 months. I can't imagine where Tony will have me in 3 years when I can start competing in the masters division!!! So since Keisha can't win next year i'll do that one again so I can take the novice title :)

I was debating on another on Nov 17th but my husband said No you need a break :) My workouts from Tony the next couple of days are 35 mins walks. aaaahhhhh....I'm not going to know what to do!!!! This will be my last day for crap food though. I made Mike throw the rest of the M&M's away so I wouldn't eat them(sorry Stacey). This morning I made PB&J french toast mmmmmm........Now mom and I are going for frappiccino's! I'll get the small one though :) Tomorrow starts my "cleaner" eating program though. I know the fatties at work are bringing me in goodies so i'll try some in moderation. I just have to look at the rolls on their backs and remember why I don't eat like them. I didn't get to 107lbs. by eating donuts and bagels everyday.

That reminds me. Keisha ate at the ribfest a couple weekends ago and felt guilty and did an hour of cardio. I told her oh that's nice I've eaten nothing but chicken and asparagus for the past 2 months and do two hours of cardio plus everyday. Then at lunch she went and ate McDonald's!!!! Good thing she is super sweet or I would really hate her LOL!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I went to bed at 7:30 last night!! I was so tired and i'm glad because that way I wasn't up thinking about things. I'm heading over to my mom this morning for more tanner, makeup, and hair :)

I'm really not nervous yet. I guess whatever happens happens. I know this has been a great experience and I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. Well, expect for shoot a basketball through a hoop or hit a ball with a bat, you get the point;)

Right now i'm thirsty and hungry. Honestly, this is the first time I can say that i've been "hungry". Of course there have been times when I wish I could eat more but not because I was hungry. I can't wait until after prejudging so I can have some water! Tony told me to take it easy and don't pig out like all the other girls will be. He wants me nice and not bloated for the night show hee hee! He knows now that my body like to hold water and that freaking pooch is still there although it's probably not that bad.

MMMMM.....I can hear the dark chocolate M&M's, maple nut goodies, and toffifays calling my name :) Right before stage time I get to have rice cakes with PB and honey on them!! Plus a glass of red wine! I don't really like wine or have any so i'm not sure if i'll have any of that or not??? This is suppose to bring out vascularity but i've only got veins in my abs and shoulders so i'm not going to have that awesome biceps vein :( I'll keep trying for it after this though!

Tonight we are hitting Uno's Pizzeria! I'm getting the BBQ chicken flatbread pizza mmmmm......i'm going to try and not act like a starved person and just eat a little bit. I know I will get sick if not. To drink I just want a diet coke and may even skip dessert???? Me skip dessert!!! Well I do have that goody bag and i'm sure i'll have plenty of it.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I passed!!

My polygraph that is LOL!! Now i'm just sitting around eating dry chicken and waiting for my mom to get off work to start to apply tanner. I'm so sick of practicing my poses because I know when I get up there i'll be like this.

So i'm just going to relax a bit, not to much cause I need to fall asleep tonight sometime!!

Colette, I love frogs :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

As promised ;)

Here are pics after me carbing it up for the past two days :)

Now here are pics of the wonderful shirt that was sent to me by MARTHA! Thanks a bunch!!!!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! They really motivate me to make you all proud!!!

Mission today new jeans

Okay summer is almost over and the new shorts I had bought are all big now :( I guess really I should be happy. So if it ever cools down I thought I know my jeans probably won't fit. Boy was I right.

In the back pick you can really see the wads of fat that just won't got away! See I wasn't making it up!!

I can't wait until 3:00 to go and get my foot massage and pedicure aaaahhhh......I am off today and tomorrow so why was I up at 5:15a??? Instead of getting out of bed though I just laid there and relaxed. Thank you Boomer for not coming and getting mommy out of bed. Mike's alarm went off and that is when I got up and then I made him a ham,cheese, and egg sandwich :)

I'll take some pics later. I'm stilling getting plenty of carbs today YAHOO!!!

Weight this morning 109.2 LOL!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

109.2 before carb load ;)

Here's me today! I know i'm crazy but I still have fat in the back where my hips are....and a pooch. Oh well, i'm proud of the job i've done anyway. This is only the beginning. I was told to eat a double cheeseburger today! LOL!!

Yo Yimmity Yam!!

Today is my carbiliscious day!! Woohoo!! I have oatmeal running out of my ears right now and I need to go grab some more yams at lunch. Tony asked if I had any and I though "Now why would I have yams?" I haven't had them since a couple meals plans back when I was on that same one for 5 or 6 weeks??? LOL!!

I am anxious to see if my energy level is better tonight and mind isn't so foggy.

Ugh....I don't know if I can eat all of this hee hee!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5 days!! 109.8

So I'm not sure if i'll make the dreaded 105 but I have some time to lose more.

I've been a real meany to everyone lately. I mean people I work with, Tony, and of course Mike but he's use to it.

For instance:
This lady brought in brownies with chocolate icing and powdered sugar and all the girls were all excited. One of them said oh April I bet you are hating her right now. I said not as much as you guys hating me because my size 3's are loose now.

Or when Tony told me he would like me to do another 1/2 hour of cardio, yes he said it. I said okay I guess i'll skip one of my meals to fit it in. Or maybe I should have taken this whole week off. This is on top of the 1 hour in the morning, weights when I get home, climbing 20-30 flights of stairs, 1 more hour of cardio and the flexing and posing you have to do for 45 minutes!! He's got a challenge with me I guess. Most people who did that much wouldn't have an ass left but I still have plenty!!!

Sorry about that little rant. I just know I am working harder than my competition for sure. I've talked to a few of them and they can't believe i'm doing that much cardio. That was before Tony mentioned the half an hour extra!! Don't get me wrong, i'm doing stricly as he says because I believe he is the best and he'll get me where I need to be one day!!

I'll catch up on everyone's blogs next week :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Clown Makeup

I went to my mom's today and I think we perfected the makeup! I don't normally wear any and if I do it's brown and that's it. We had fun with the colors and I am wearing pink eye shadow and blush *gasp*! I hate pink!! It does look good with the DARK makeup though. The eyelashes aren't the ones i'll be wearing and I forgot to put mascara on my bottom lashes LOL! I also forgot my eye shadow base and blending sponges at home. So on Saturday we'll go darker and be able to blend it better.

I use to work at a cosmetics counter and loved makeup. Doing makeovers was so much fun. That is what is weird about me never wearing any. My hubby says I don't need it though so I guess that is good.

I was going to whiten my teeth this week but.......I don't think I will now :)

If anyone has any tips or anything pass that on!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 WEEK OUT!! - 110.2 lbs.

Well I have one week left. This will be a busy week and I hope i'm not forgetting anything. I think Tony has be carb depleting tomorrow. He had this plan to load me up with sodium but changed his mind thank goodness! I hate salt and as you can tell my body doesn't shed fat or water too easily.

I got my hair trimmed and highlighted last night. It feels and looks much better.

I've got my Target shopping done and my fridge still looks bare LOL! I had to go to Kroger to find some asparagus and spend $10 on it! I may go jean shopping today? Maybe I should wait until after the show when i'm bloated with pizza and chocolate!

I'm going to take Boomer for a walk in the park today for some extra cardio. I have found that I have no problem sticking with a diet or doing cardio it needs to maintain a healthy life. I do however despise evening cardio prepping for a show!!! I can't wait for that to be over with so I can veg on couch with my hubby :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yes, another one

Sorry these are just too much fun! Plus when i'm feeling crappy it helps to look how far i've come in a short amount of time. Actually today i've had soooooo much energy!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm still kickin

Whew, I know you all said I don't complain much and my husband laughed when I told him that :) He said he'd rather hear me complain about having to workout again than stand in front of a mirror and cry about how fat I am. Smart man.

I got put on 1/4 of oats this week *sigh*. It won't be long now and I would be lying if I said i'm not ready to rest. I'm excited to see what happens with my body next week. I hope a lot happens but we'll see. Now i'm stressing about little things like how to wear my hair, will my tan turn out okay, and will I look like an idiot when I pose. Rough life huh?

The weather is great this week and that helps my mood. I have actually been cooking for my husband for the past couple of days. For awhile I told him to fend for himself because I just don't have time. I felt like I was neglecting him and I do love to cook so I started it back up.

Well i'm off to take my shot of nastiness (aka ACV & LJ) sometimes I like that stuff but today I don't?

Oh, look who finally is making an appearance!! My right calf!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


It was so good to be with my whole family yesterday. It was my Grandma's 80th and she didn't know she was going to have a party. She thought she was going to a festival with my Aunt and was really surprised. Grandma this happens every year how did you not know something was up??? She even cried she was so happy. The WHOLE family is not together that often so it was extra special. I was there with tuna and asparagus in my lunch bag :(

Mike bought the first season of Heroes so we've been catching up....so far I love it!!!

I've getting a little freaked out seeing as I only have 13 days left and I still have a huge ass! I'm still doing cardio twice a day for an hour and climbing 20 flights of stairs which has now been doubled eek!! At the end of the week Tony is going to have me do a sodium load to see what happens with my body. I like experiments so bring it on!!!

Me, Grandma, Aunt Barb and Mom

Friday, September 7, 2007

Almost 2 weeks out and 111.4

I can't believe I only have 2 more weeks!!!! Dang time is flying. Today Mike and I went and played putt-putt and I whooped him!! I didn't rub it in his face or anything but if he wouldn't have won I know he would have mine. I'm just not competitive like that.

Tomorrow i'm not taking the spinning class i'm doing the bootcamp class. I think that will be a great class to take right before the comp because it will be a total body workout. Maybe it'll shocked my little shoulder muscles to pump up :) I'm also doing another posing session. I'm feeling more comfortable with my poses and i'm just trying to do what is right for my body. I may put my leg leg forward since my hip is jacked up. Also if you'll notice my left arm is jacked also. This is of course from my accident when I was 5. They'll be focusing on my six pack though not those things :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pity Party :(

Guess who's not going to the season opener for the Colt's tonight even though she has season tickets??? I have too many workouts to get done HA! I am off tomorrow though and will be enjoying a relaxing day with the hubby.

We are either going to see a movie or play putt-putt....depends on the weather. We are also going to go out and eat *gasp*!! Now that my diet has changed there are things on restaurant menus I can have :) We'll probably go somewhere that has tuna and broccoli. Of course this involves explaining not to maranade, glaze, and pour butter on top of anything. Nothing ticks me off more than to order a nice plate of fresh veggies and they come with butter poured all over them!! Better yet they come fried, this happened to me once BARF! I'll probably talk myself out of the eating thing though cause I don't trust people.

I also want to know who put lead in my shoes this morning? Tony told me there would be days when you just can't do it. I did it but not up to par.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Reverse the above situation!! WooHoo!! I love oatmeal!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Getting sick of these yet?

I got my new diet this morning and will start first thing tomorrow. I'm excited to see what happens! My unexpectedly invited friends over yesterday so my routine was thrown off. I was so pissed that I threatened to not even workout. Ugh! Men!! Actually it was nice to see some of his friend that I havent seen because I am a hermit. I ate fish while they ate juicy angus burgers and chips and salsa. They are all very supportive of me though and don't say eat this or that they just say wow they would not be able to do it. I told them I think I am going insane though.

Oh, weight didn't change but my measurements did! I'm now a 24 waist and 34 hips!(Laurie it never changes huh?)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Spinning and posing

It felt so good this morning to get up and go somewhere instead of on my treadmill LOL! Spinning was awesome and i'm definitely going to feel it tomorrow. I'm also going back Saturday :)

Andi asked if i've taken a posing class before because I looked great!! There were three other girls there that had competed before so I kind of just watched what they did. One of them I may be competing against YIKES!!! She was beautiful, this is her first figure show but she was a bodybuilder so she has tons of muscles. Andi was talking with her though and said that the OCB really likes a leaner look?? We'll see! Andi also told me about the show in Chicago and she thinks I should be in it too. It is more of a bikini contest and she said I would do great. She is like me and cannot build her shoulders for anything. She is small hipped though and since she is just now prepping I can tell her weight went straight to her middle area. That is where I have a bit of an advantage I think. I really don't carry much weight there. She really boosted my confidence! She said I have such a tiny waist and that the judges will love it!

Either way i'm so excited to be doing this no matter what happens. I'll weigh tomorrow but I will take pics for Tony tonight. I may post if there are any changes.

After spin class :) Andi and I

This is Keisha, maybe my competition. Might I add that after posing she ate a huge MegaCollasal Protein Bar!! LUCKY!!