Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pity Party :(

Guess who's not going to the season opener for the Colt's tonight even though she has season tickets??? I have too many workouts to get done HA! I am off tomorrow though and will be enjoying a relaxing day with the hubby.

We are either going to see a movie or play putt-putt....depends on the weather. We are also going to go out and eat *gasp*!! Now that my diet has changed there are things on restaurant menus I can have :) We'll probably go somewhere that has tuna and broccoli. Of course this involves explaining not to maranade, glaze, and pour butter on top of anything. Nothing ticks me off more than to order a nice plate of fresh veggies and they come with butter poured all over them!! Better yet they come fried, this happened to me once BARF! I'll probably talk myself out of the eating thing though cause I don't trust people.

I also want to know who put lead in my shoes this morning? Tony told me there would be days when you just can't do it. I did it but not up to par.


Colette said...


Unknown said...

You still did it, no worries if it wasn't 100% today. Be happy that you did it! Most people can't even bring themselves to train hard, let alone diet hard and then put themselves on stage to be judged! You are doing what few people can do!
I so agree with you about going out to eat, you can't trust anyone, you'd think it'd be easy to request no Mayo, or dressing, or butter, but they look at you as if to say 'That's too hard, it comes that way, why are you being strange?'

Sunnie said...

Of course you will have days like that and no worries because you do not have many of those. You amaze me girl!

Laurie said...

Brave for eating out at this stage - don't trust them at all! But missing the game so you could workout -thinking a little therapy might be necessary here, or at least and intervention. You could have run stadium stairs during breaks, timeouts, half-time, etc.