Saturday, September 22, 2007


I went to bed at 7:30 last night!! I was so tired and i'm glad because that way I wasn't up thinking about things. I'm heading over to my mom this morning for more tanner, makeup, and hair :)

I'm really not nervous yet. I guess whatever happens happens. I know this has been a great experience and I can do whatever I want if I put my mind to it. Well, expect for shoot a basketball through a hoop or hit a ball with a bat, you get the point;)

Right now i'm thirsty and hungry. Honestly, this is the first time I can say that i've been "hungry". Of course there have been times when I wish I could eat more but not because I was hungry. I can't wait until after prejudging so I can have some water! Tony told me to take it easy and don't pig out like all the other girls will be. He wants me nice and not bloated for the night show hee hee! He knows now that my body like to hold water and that freaking pooch is still there although it's probably not that bad.

MMMMM.....I can hear the dark chocolate M&M's, maple nut goodies, and toffifays calling my name :) Right before stage time I get to have rice cakes with PB and honey on them!! Plus a glass of red wine! I don't really like wine or have any so i'm not sure if i'll have any of that or not??? This is suppose to bring out vascularity but i've only got veins in my abs and shoulders so i'm not going to have that awesome biceps vein :( I'll keep trying for it after this though!

Tonight we are hitting Uno's Pizzeria! I'm getting the BBQ chicken flatbread pizza mmmmm......i'm going to try and not act like a starved person and just eat a little bit. I know I will get sick if not. To drink I just want a diet coke and may even skip dessert???? Me skip dessert!!! Well I do have that goody bag and i'm sure i'll have plenty of it.


Unknown said...

OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! You gonna rock there :-)

I am sooo excited for ya,....yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Enjoy your food ;-)


Unknown said...

Good luck, sweetie!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear how it goes.

Again, you look FABULOUS!!

mb said...

Enjoy yourself. And don't think about kicking the girls butt that said she cheated the whole way through, like I wanted to. :)


Tracy said...

You look AMAZING April.

Smile LOTS ..you are going to be a shining star on that stage.



Danielle said...

GOOD LUCK!!! i have enjoyed reading yor blog and you have incredible enthusiasm and dedication!!! You will be great!

Anonymous said...

Hanging around checking for updates. You look AWESOME I can't wait! Knock em dead girl! Enjoy YOUR day! You are such an inspiration :)

Laurie said...

I'm nervous for you, although neither of us have any reason to be - you are so BUFF and BEAUTIFUL and such an inspiration to all us pears out there, I just know you're going to do great!

Sunnie said...

Glad you are not nervous. Will be thinking of you today.

Jen said...

April, CONGRATS!! I was sitting with Martha watching the figure girls at the Tournament of Champions in Anaheim when she got your text about your placing... I'm SOOOOOOOO Happy for you and proud!!

You've reached an awesome goal!!

Sending you big hugs!

xoxo Jen

Barbara said...

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I KNEW you would kick bootie:)