Friday, February 23, 2007

The female body is crazy

Isn't it strange how you can go from man I am starting to look good to the next week feeling like you have gained 20 lbs!!! My husband says he always knows when I am getting ready to start because I stand in front of the mirror and complain. I didn't think I really did that but I was doing it just a bit ago. Even after losing 11 lbs(could be more??) I still feel like crap at this time.

I had an awesome workout as usual though! Kind of hard doing the abs part but I managed. I cannot wait until Monday and I get my treadmill fixed!! I will start seeing more results once I get back on that thing.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!


Marthab said...

I know what you mean. I wish I would remember the symptoms before I bite someone's head off or down a choclate bar. Bleh.

April said...

LOL!! Thanks for thinking of me on Beka's post too:)

Laurie said...

Could be more???? Could be less! Where's that PMA?

April said...

I meant I could have lost more than 11lbs. Or I could have said I may weigh less?? I'm confused now:) I don't weigh until Tony says and he hasn't said too yet!!