Saturday, February 24, 2007


I just text my hubby and told him it's probably a good thing he isn't home right now. Even my dog just ran upstairs! Wow, I feel better and i'll leave it at that:)

Now I may run to Kohl's and shop! They open at 7:00am and then i'll do my usual Target run. I haven't opened my workout for today but I always love Saturday workouts!!

I am going out with my sister tonight! That is twice in one year watch out Indiana! I use to go out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!


That is until about 10 years ago when I got a real job. Real jobs suck. What can I say I love to dance!!! Plus my friends moved to Florida and I was still breastfeeding at that time. I am a mommy's girl big time!! I won't have kids in fear that they will be spoiled little ginger kids like me. My dog is spoiled and it drive my hubs crazy!! I am going to take her shopping today because its just us today and we are going to have girl day:) She is laying patiently on the couch waiting for me to make my move out the door and get her a Jumbone. That is the Saturday ritual. I may post something else later today since I am going to be bored out of my mind. Husbands you can live with them and you can't live without them????


Beka said...

I KNOW you gotta feel better. That's fantastic. :o) We sound like the elderly down at the retirement home, huh? lol

Have fun tonight. Oh, and I can't visit your page anymore with the darn M&M cursor. *&^%

April said...

I can change it just for you:)

Laurie said...

Congratulations on your move(ment)!

Enjoy your Saturday.

(Totally confused by your breastfeeding comment. The dog??)

April said...

Sorry about the confusion. I wouldn't move away to Florida with my friends because I need my mom:) Is that better:)

Reese said...

Breastfeeding the dog. LMAO.

Damn the m&m cursor!


Angela said...

love the m&m cursor :) Im glad your feeling better...

Marthab said...

I had to think about the brastfeeding comments, too. lol. Glad you are feeling better. I can't see the MM, thank goodness!