Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

I had an awesome workout yesterday even though it involved chest. I really put my mind to it and cardio was awesome too. I did the walk/run at 4.0/8.0. That is amazing for little ol me! Meals are 100 percent and I can't wait to go workout right now because it's back night!

Tony told me not to weigh anymore until he says which isn't a problem for me. He said next weigh in he was me to have lost 2 lbs. NO PROBLEM. I am starting to get to a point now though that I know the pound loss will decrease Weepy That is okay though because I know even if I don't see it on the scale wise, my body fat will still be going down. Well, time to workout!


Beka said...

you're doing so great! Your mental attitude is right on girl.