Friday, February 16, 2007

I think I found the culprit

Sugar-free popsicles!! I cannot eat sugar-free things period. It's the sorbitol in it, cramps me up like crazy. I didn't think that having 3g of the stuff would harm me. Boy was I wrong. Sorry Mike, put on your gas mask.

My treadmill won't be fixed until Feb 26th Thumbs Down

My workout tomorrow is going to rock!! I can't wait! Mikey and I are celebrating Valentine's tomorrow. We are going to see Hannibal Rising, how romantic. Couples

I won't be doing this though Sharing Popcorn unless I smuggle in 100 cal packs for us. That is what I still have my huge Espirit purse from 1995 for. I only use it on vacation and movie trips.

Have a great weekend everyone!! We are suppose to get more snow! YIPPEE not.


Marthab said...

Yes, we nailed Flavored Splenda for this travesty at our house. It has been banned. But it was so. yum.my. Wahhh.

Reese said...

Have fun! I'll be doing a no-carb day AND visiting with my in-laws AND going to a b'day party with CAKE!

Can I go see the movie with YOU?


April said...

I didn't like the flavored splendas so that's a good thing.

Sure Reese come on up! It starts at 12:10p.m. Since I can't ever sleep in on a weekend like a dork, that gives you 6 hours to get here if you leave RIGHT NOW!

doidle said...

Oh, thank goodness you mentioned that. No wonder I've had the gassies. I will cut out Splenda too!! Amyella's zucchini bars were killing me! THANKS!

And funny on the Esprit bag - good idea!