Sunday, February 11, 2007


Yesterday after my awesome workout I was downstairs, husband's running on the treadmill and I hear something weird?!! I ran upstairs and the treadmill had stopped and my hubby was huffin and puffin. "What happened" I say? To make a long story short, it's broke. Of course I freak out and throw a tantrum like any redhead would until he called the service department. They are coming Tuesday and will probably have to replace it which could take a month. I checked my receipt and I bought it last year on 1/15 and it was delivered on 2/15. I pray it doesn't take that long.

So in my disoriented state I call Tony. I told him about my situation and I CANNOT go outside right now being 0 degrees and all. I let him know my mom has a gazelle and he said get it over there. He told me don't worry we will work through this. I am soooo glad I bought a warranty on my treadmill because if it isn't an easy fix they will just replace it with a new one. It is a Proform 650E so it's not a hunk of junk??? So Yippee I get to use the gazelle for a bit.(those are gay imo)

Moral of this story is I told my hubs when my last treadmill broke he wasn't using my new one because of course I blame him for the problems. He runs on the thing at 9.0~10.0 and I know those aren't made to do that, it's not a gym $5000 treadmill. Actually when we were in Ft. Lauderdale last year we went to the hotel's gym and he broke their treadmill!! He only weighs 155lb so neither one of us are lards. I let him know when this one gets replaced, sorry babe no treadmill for you. I need to look hot in my little bikini by April 28th.

Tony tells me I should do a figure comp because I have a great frame and i'm making good progress. I just don't know if I could do it or not? I read Beka's post and think of her carb depleting and I feel like I am already carb depleting, how much worse could it get?? I am going to her comp to check it out so she can give the scoop on how bad or good it is.

Hold on there is more. As I am losing weight and see new lines, veins(not popping all the way out yet) I think all of my life I have wanted to be thin. I mean Nicole Ritchie thin. When I hit 30 something changed and I am all about being healthy now. As I see my body changing I feel like my arms are actually getting thin? I don't really like it. When I see this chick I want to look like this. My hubby says NO WAY!!


Marthab said...

I can totally understand you. Maybe you should do BB in a lightweight division so you don't have to get too huge. I LOVE muscle and the way it looks totally toned and define. But, I do understand your husband, there is such a thing as too much for a woman, but I think you have to take special pills to make that happen. ;)

Marthab said...

I was seriously thinking of going to Beka's show. Can you tell me what hotel you are staying at?

Anonymous said...

Punkin....I hate to tell you this...but that girl is probably on growth. It is possible for women to put on muscle...but we just don't have the hormones...even as bodybuilders to get big and bulky. Stacey is a great example of what a woman that lifts heavy and is (keyword here) NATURAL. The big girls you see that are freakish...they are "enhanced" so unless you decide to start taking some very dangerous, very expensive drugs....your hubby can rest assured....the chances of you turning into a manly girl are very slim to none. However you will be hard, tight and tiny if you keep lifting hard and heavy and eating clean. That's a fact...and you will look O SO MUCH hotter than the Nicole Ritchie's of the world :)

April said...

Hee Hee! Yes, I know I will never be that big but I can dream about it:) Looking like Stacey is fine with me!! I will definetly always be natural which is why I will never have boobs!!

Martha-right now I have reservations at The Radisson in Covington KY. That sure will be a long flight for you. My drive is an hour and a half.

Marthab said...

I know but it will be FUN!!!!