Monday, February 5, 2007


It was great driving through Indy last night! The atmosphere was awesome and I was happy cause my hubby was in a good mood:) We knew if Manning went to the Super Bowl there was no way he was losing!!!
By the way this was me last night Fat Woman 3
I did alright, I had bbq pork(no bun), baked beans, veggie tray not too bad? Then out came the dessert. Cookies, brownies, and FONDUE!!! Let's just say I don't want anymore chocolate for another 34 or more days!


KatieFeldmom said...

LOL about the chocolate. I overdid it on my free day too. Ick!!!! I was so happy to eat my eggs this morning.

Looking good in the pictures!!! You are kicking butt!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

April said...

Thanks Katie! Let's just say when the fondue came out I grabbed a bowl and ate it like soup! I'm with you on the eggs this morning even though I really didn't feel like eating anything.