Monday, February 12, 2007

The Gayzelle

Well I did work up a sweat and my legs are sore?? I am sorry I bad mouthed the Gazelle. I bought a Smith Machine last week and got it all put together, started to use it today and something isn't right!! I am having the worst luck with my equipment. I will not go to a gym though! Too many germs and people! Yes I am weird and proud of it!!!! I also don't get sick and I haven't murdered anyone, yet.


Reese said...

I don't like it sometimes either! Tell me though...what do you use at home? I am wanting to add/create a gym area in my house but I don't know what to start with. Tell me what you have since it's obviously working!!!!!

April said...

I have a treadmill(sick at the moment)a gazelle(only in use as the treadmill is sick)weight bench, slant board, exercise ball, dumbells 3-25 lbs.,all kind of barbell weights, curl bar, and a smith machine which has problems right now. Oh and a step bench and every Cathe workout video you can buy:) We had to turn our office into part of the workout room:)