Friday, February 2, 2007

Power Walking!!

I was so pleased to see that is all that was on the agenda for today!

60 mins later
4.62 miles more walked in my life
691 calories hopefully from those tortilla chips still clinging to my ass from New Years

I have to say it wasn't the pleasant rest I was hoping for but I feel good now!!

I was thinking about what I am going to eat on my cheat meal Sunday. I am scared too like Reese had mentioned. It's almost like I hope they have only shrimp cocktail and veggies at the Super Bowl party i'm going too. My hubby said lets just eat what is on you're plan for dinner and go there and not pig out WE can do it. He is sooo sweet! So I won't know until I can report Monday what the damage was or was not Hmm 2


Marthab said...

You get a cheat meal? I'm sooo jealous. I was thinking Valentines would be a good day.