Thursday, February 8, 2007

Have you ever?

Worked out so hard that you are like "Oh man why did I do that"? That was me today. My abs are going to be killing me tomorrow!!!

This guy I work with gave me a 5 lb container of cookies n creme whey protein!! He didn't like the taste and it is the kind I use anyway so WOOHOO! I offered to pay him but he said no. It's so hard being cute



Reese said...

LOL--let me know how it tastes. I am always looking for the good stuff!

April said...

Tastes great! Almost buttery?? It's Optimum Nutrition Cookies N Creme. I have their Rocky Road and Chocolate Mint too. Have I have to have some sort of chocolate in my diet:)

Marthab said...

ohhh lucky you. i wish someone would give me some. it's so expensive!