Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lazy Day

Mike and I went and saw Hannibal at 10:30 this morning because the movies before noon are only $5. Yes we are cheap like that. On the other hand I bought a new Gayzelle because my mom's was on my nerves.

It is still snowing outside! If you haven't ever felt your boogers freeze come to Indy right now and experience it. It's AWESOME!

She sits there and waits for me to wipe the snowballs out of her paws:)
She got a manicure today, we played beauty shop.


Reese said...


I'm so mature...

Beka said...

Did you like the movie? I sneak in popcorn and protein pudding when I go. :o)

You're doing awesome and those abs are popping through!!

April said...

The movie was good. It was different but interesting and a little long. My hubs liked it a lot. I snuck in a sandwich and 100 cal pack of doritos for him and an EAS protein shake for me(strawberry).