Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gonna Go Eat at Joe's

Crabshack that is. My hubby, sister, brother-n-law and dad are going to eat there. Dad's choice so I'll deal with it. I've already been online checking the nutrition values of the food:) I'm going to get the cobb salad with grilled chicken, no bacon, eggs, or bleu cheese.
Worked my biceps and shoulders today and yes I took a pic. I won't bore anyone with pics of my biceps everytime I work them out. Plus I know they will actually be growing tomorrow while they are recovering:)
Flexed Arm

I spent $144 at Target this morning!! That's typical though but I did buy my hubby the movie Troy for Valentine's Day. The most expensive thing besides the DVD was $6.82. Guess what it was??? ASPARAGUS!! I still can't believe how much that crap cost.


Beka said...

Joes Crabshack is THE best! mmmm

I know about the asparagus, girl. Where I get it is $5 a pound. yikes

Marthab said...

And it goes bad fast, I shed a little tear everytime I have to toss some. But, I read a way to keep it fresher...you may already know this- trim the ends, put them in cold water and cover the tops with a plastic bag, put it in the fridge. It has lasted WAYYYYYY longer this way. This has been "Kitchen Tips From Martha."

Laurie said...

Not to mention that the Asparagus is skinnier than my pinky finger! Reminds me to ask Tony what other options I've got . . .