Monday, February 19, 2007

What's going on with me?

I went to the Dr. today and got my check up. Everything "felt" fine. I need to go get blood test done sometime this week because she wants to make sure my cholesterol and thyroid tests are okay. I just had my choesterol tested at work recently so I know its okay. I am worried because when I got back to work to freshen up I had "the brown stuff" when I wiped. Sorry if this is TMI but maybe someone else has experienced it and can relate? I just got off of my period last week so I don't know why its happening? I am not pregnant although I have never been on birth control and yes my husband and I do have sex Hmm 2

Now on to more important things. Well there is Boomer with her fish wanting to play!!
I worked my legs today and it was awesome!! I love when Tony throws in something you just know is going to kill you but you love it anyway!! While I was in CVS I had to wait longer than expected so I was starving. I grabbed a balance bar(better than Hershey's) and ate it. I feel bad about it but it is a protein bar? I don't want to starve away my hard earned muscles!!


Reese said...

Not sure about the brown stuff a week AFTER a period. Did you have a pelvic exam?

As far as bars go...T gave me the clear to have one in replacement of a snack as long as it was one of those net carb bars that don't have a ton of carbs in them. If it was a bar that had 300 plus cals then I was to split it in half. Russ gets those Myoplex bars and sometimes I will have 1/2 of one. Not sure what the stats are on a balance bar so I don't know.

Of course, I AM the food idiot so make sure you clear it with T.


Anonymous said...

I'm just here to say sorry about not recognizing you at firt for the blends!!! lol I am slow like that and hello I don't even think I have your blog on my links...yeah see slow sentence above! :)~ I'm on it!