Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My crappy day has gotten a little better

6:00am wake-up from a 12 hour fasted state
6:30am get blood taken for test
7:00am scarf down my breakfast in the hospital parking lot +ACV shot
7:20am get to work
8:00am I caved, ate a bagel, justify by saying I just got my blood taken
3:00pm still no poo, even after taking prescribed laxative
4:00pm go tan
4:30pm get home, hubby has put away the dishes! BONUS!
5:00pm boil eggs and bake asparagus
5:10pm hubby gets home with flowers in hand!! He is so sweet:)
5:11pm kiss, hug, thank you now get out of my way I have to work out!!
6:00pm workout went fast, only 10 min cardio YIPPEE!!
6:10pm look for lid to put over eggs, can't find it hubby did put away the dishes you know


Beka said...

oh man girl. I know you gotta feel miserable with not being able to go! Hope you do soon.

Beka said...

Any better today??

Laurie said...