Saturday, April 21, 2007


That was my weight?? Only .4 down from last time. It's that time of month so that will be my excuse and that is the only one I have. I ate perfectly to what Tony gave me and even had to buy a couple of "special" items. I'm going see if I can do the same diet next week. The following week I will be gorging myself with cruise food!!!!

I use to be a go by the scale girl but have changed since Tony. Actually before T I hadn't weighed in 2 years. One of my idols weighs 135-140 and she is smoking hot! Yes she is a redhead, so since then I don't worry about the weight.

Going grocery shopping, hiking, workout, and then i'll take some pictures!!


Laurie said...

Dang girl you're up early and posting.

Don't sweat the scale, you know if you've been good or not, and hormones so screw up that evil devil, the scale.

Have a great hike and I look forward to seeing some pics!

Angela said...

Hey...now i dont feel as bad, i only lost a 1/2 pound too! well actually i am a little sad..trying to get past that evil scale mentality....have fun today :)

Stacey said...


lol....but seriously you know muscle weighs more then fat and you know you've been perfect~You Rock!

Stacey said...

damit I put an extra e in equipment....lol

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