Friday, April 6, 2007

Been shopping....twice!

I went shopping this morning and had a wonderful time trying on clothes. I even called Tony when I had to buy a 5/6 when I had been wearing a 9/10!! He told me those won't fit me in a couple more months:) I still wear juniors people. I am not going into the old lady section yet!!!

My mom called me and wanted to go to the mall. Hmmmm.....okay. We went and she bought some curtains and she also bought me a top. I told you all I was spoiled and of course it is my second b-day Goofy

Well it's time to go torture my poor legs. My abs are sore from yesterday! LOVE IT!!


KatieFeldmom said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to You!!!!!
And have a great weekend.

beth said...

I can't wait to go shopping and have to go down a size...! What an awesome reason to be celebrating your second birthday.