Friday, April 20, 2007

Fun this weekend!

I am anxious to weigh tomorrow. I can see and feel the results on Tony's plan for me this week. I know the numbers don't matter but it's a girl thing I guess. Yesterday's workout killed me, 555 different types of ab exercises!! Tony just happened to call last night so I let him have it:) I really like the way my abs are looking right now so I gave it my all. I'll take pics too sometime tomorrow. I have a busy weekend planned!

Tomorrow Mike, Boomer and I are going to go hiking in Brown County. We're going to take a picnic lunch and relax as a family before Boomer has to go and stay with my dad for the week of the cruise. He is going to have 8 dogs on his hands!! Boomer is not a problem unless i'm around then she asked like the big baby I have made her Oh JeezMike got a new engine put in his Corvette so we will be traveling in this! Boomer has to sit on my lap. Nothing like a 60 lb dog sitting on your lap. She loves it though!

Just for the record and so he'll never know. I hate this car! It is loud, smells like gas and he thinks it's his right to drive fast in it. My Toyota may not be the "coolest" but at least it doesn't smell or suck gas. That's his black car behind the mailbox. Boomer isn't allowed to "pimp" in it. She hangs out of mine and I have scratches down the side. Good thing it is silver. She can only rest her chin on the Corvette's window ledge. MEN!

Sunday I am going to Indy to see my friend Louisa. I haven't seen her forever it seems like. We are going shopping, catching up on things, etc....I can't wait for that either.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I gave Tony hell because I finished my AB workout and told him it was too easy and that he was slack'n...lol...poor guy can't win :) :)
Can't wait to see picts!

Colette said...

I never knew there were that many different ways you can do abs!!! Ouch!

Sounds like your weekend is going to be tons of fun...can I come ;)

Nice car, but I know what you mean about the gas and all. Guys just have to be "cool" I guess...oh well.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and can't wait to hear about your weigh in and see your killer abs!

Laurie said...

Dontcha just love a T ab workout? I have bis and abs today so only 75 for me today.

Never been a fan of Corvette's myself - I've always thought of them as the ultimate "male compensation" vehicle - not that I'm making judgement on your hubby.

Have a great time on Sunday - love spending time catching up with friends.