Thursday, April 5, 2007

Oh my freaking abs!

Thanks for all the nice comments! It's really keeps me pumped to see where I can take this body of mine.

I worked the abs like crazy today. So many crunches and things that I may have forgotten a set because I lost count Fainting

I've always had legs to do on Monday so when I had shoulders instead i've been anxiously waiting for legs. So here it is Thursday and I was thinking, Sweet! maybe he forgot legs this week. You guessed it, tomorrow is legs. This is when you KNOW Tony really cares and knows what you need in a workout. Duh April! You had a liquid diet Sat. and no carb Sunday. You guys know that is why he didn't give me legs until Friday. Got to love 'em Morph

I cannot wait for my day off tomorrow. Here I go with my daily plan. 8:00a Kohl's opens i'm so there! 9:00a JCPenney open, i'm so there! 10:00a Von Maur(my favorite) you guessed it!! Then i'll do a little mall walking with the old ladies and SAHM's with there huge SUV's but can't drive them. I need to get a few pairs of new shorts. I always end up with workout shorts and I don't need those. I'm kind of afraid to get any right now in case I go down a size or something???


Sydney said...

Holy sh*t! I've got some major catching up to do if I'm going to be standing on a stage next to you! I'm sorry, "big hips"--I think not. Great work--you look fantastic. I love red hair--just colored mine a couple of weeks ago! You're lucky that it's natural.

Beka said...

Girl you look amazing and I am awed by your dedication!! Have fun shopping.

Oh, and 6 months is totally okay for you getting ready for comp...look at you smoking!