Sunday, April 1, 2007

Shopping Fun w/ Hubby!

I love to shop! Especially with my new booty:) Mike made sure everything I bought was a small. Some of you know what I mean when I say I just can't grasp the fact that i'm in a small. I always grab the M/L. So everything I bought was S/M!!

Maybe I should have bought new khaki shorts, mine are falling off!!

No carb is going great today! I am getting ready to do another hours cardio session. It is too beautiful out to do it right now though.


Marthab said...

Yay new clothes. Are you going on the BFL cruise or your own?

April said...

Hey Martha! We're going on our own. His parents are going too! We've been on a cruise with them before and it was so much fun!!

Colette said...

Those tops looks cute! Isn't it nice having a husband who likes to help you pick out your clothes? Mine is the same way.

I can't believe all the cardio you've been doing! Are you mostly doing cardio and low carbs??

Enjoy your new outfits!

Angela said...

you definitely needed new shorts! the old ones are falling off! Thats wonderful :)

Sydney said...

Shopping is so much more rewarding when we love our new found bodies!

S and I are leaving for a cruise in less than 3 weeks, too! Where are you guys off to?

Laurie said...

Congrats on the new clothes - that's fun!!

How do you have any energy to do cardio without carbs - that's my worry if Tony wants to send me down this road.

April said...

I love shopping with my hubby! He has better fashion sense then I do. He always says he wishes I could see myself the way he does.

My first hour of cardio was walking 3.5 at 5-10% incline. Second hour was walking 4.0~4.5. I figured I wouldn't have had that much energy. It was weird though yesterday I was wired??? Maybe because I was on a shopping high:)

April said...

Oh, and Sydney my itinerary is posted on my blog. It goes to all kinds of places. Wouldn't that be cool if we were on the same one??