Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Rise and Shine!!

Ah the weather is perfect out this morning!! I got in 2 miles of *extra* cardio! YeeHaw! Only in Indiana though can it be 75 one day and 40 the next. Friday I am off and i'll be darned if it's going to be 42 degrees. At least it is suppose to be sunny.

Tony told me if I want a cheat meal on Easter to take it!! He said only if you can mentally handle it. I let him know I love his meal plans and even though Mike and I went to Arby's on Sunday I ate my chicken out of the baggie like any normal human being would??? He said awe man that must have been tough. It wasn't tough watching my husband eat his cornbeef reuben on that nice delicious looking bread. Actually it wasn't. I have no desire to eat that crap. Which brings me to my Easter Cheat Meal!!! Capitalized like it's an event. My grandma won't be around too much longer and I am going to enjoy her cooking!!

Protein=turkey,ham??? can't decide
Carbs=macaroni and cheese
veggies=green beans(cooked with bacon fat:)
deviled eggs=more protein
cole slaw=salad
dressing=complex carb
baked beans=

I've mentally thought about it. I am just planning on working my butt off the following week!!!! Sit Up


Sydney said...

I hear your climate pain--we're supposed to get snow flurries tonight!
I always enjoy cheat meals on special occasions! It's the ones on a random saturday that really screw up my focus.
wowfame.com is where you can find the oct 12th show. I mentioned to Tony that you and Stacey had shown interest--he sounded really excited. I love that guy!