Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reasons I would understand if my hubby left me!

  1. Getting up at 5 am to the sound of what sound like a 200 lb woman on a treadmill
  2. Not being able to go out and eat because some guy in New York has you on a strict meal plan
  3. Your wife's pecs are more muscular than yours
  4. The house smells like eggs
  5. If the house doesn't smell like eggs then it smells like farts
  6. No Carb diet
  7. The drops of apple cidar vinegar on the counter
  8. Spending more money on supplements than groceries
  9. Spends more time looking at half naked women than most men
  10. Hot-tempered redhead(j/k he new that from the start!!)

I don't have to dress up in the "upstairs" yet. I have to go on the shop floor a lot so I need to be in uniform. I tell you I miss being around "my guys". Now we are spread all over up their amongst(did I really just type that)all these prissy women who are driving me crazy. For example here is a conversation today.

Kelly: I was reading in a magazine that you are suppose to eat at least 1400 cals a day

Julie: So I guess we don't need to eat those 100 cal packs anymore huh?

Kelly: I went walking last night!

Julie: I drank a lot last night!

Kelly: I forgot my yogurt for breakfast

Julie: Jeff is bringing in donuts so your covered

Kelly: Oh that is great

See what I mean. This isn't even the worse of it and ive only been up there for 2 days! I need to wear headphones. I would correct them but it's not worth it. This one kid I joke with was eat arby's roast beef and curly fries. He is a cutie and really skinny. I told him that stuff is bad for his heart. He said I have a good heart. I said no, you have a good metabolism. I know all of you can relate to my anger Soapbox

I had a great shoulder workout today. Saturday is weigh in and pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

LMFAO @ "Spends more time looking at half naked women than most men"...If anyone walked by my computer at any time they would swear I was a lesbian....lol

Sydney said...

Have your fingers started to take on a weird brown/green color from the leaking green tea bottle, too? I look more like a mechanic than a baker!

Trojan said...

This is awesome~! Good to know that my apt isn't the only place that smells of egg farts. Sometimes it's a blessing that i live alone!

You go girl!

Colette said...

You are to funny!

Maybe you'll rub off on the others upstairs...maybe.

Hope the rest of the week is good for you!

Laurie said...

My husband is about ready to call it quits on the can't go out to eat business - I gave in last night - don't tell Tony!