Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

I had an awesome, awesome back and tricep workout tonight!! I am getting stronger and I love it! For the first three month I was worried about getting the flub off and I did just that. Now it's time to bring on the muscles. Don't get me wrong my hips and thighs will eventually budge and let go of their fat storage but i'm not worried.

11 more working days until my cruise! HOORAY! I need a nice warm vacation. It is rainy out, I'm having PMS, bloating, the only thing that could happen now is my face to break out, OH WAIT! That is happening too:(

The other planner I work with is on vacation the rest of the week and I have to cover for him. That will at least make the next two days fly by.


Stef said...

Hi April~

Just checkin' in!


Anonymous said...

Yep..... #6...Zits!

add that to my blog entry...lol

Tracy Fit for LIFE said...

I need a nice warm vacation too. PLEASE someone send SUNSHINE to Idaho.

Keep going strong my friend.