Sunday, April 22, 2007


So I e-mailed Tony my progress pics and he was very pleased. On the back picture note I did say maybe 10 more lbs will come from back there. He said I am crazy! That is like 10 grapefruits and you don't have 10 grapefruits back there. Hmm I loved the analogy though!!

Wow yesterday just flew by! I was on the go all day and that normally doesn't happen. Mike, Boomer and I had a great time in Brown County. I forgot that I had killed my legs on Friday until we started going up the hills OUCH! Poor Boomer hates riding in the vette.

Imagine seeing her little face from your car. She doesn't know it but she probably made someone smile.

Here is pic of her and Mike on a huge log. You should have seen me trying to get over that thing. Have I mentioned how unathletic I really am? I am going to look like one but I am clumsy.

Thanks you for all your wonderful comments. Sometimes I feel like nothing is changing so you all help push me along!!!


Laurie said...

LOL - 10 pounds of grapefruits, where does he come up with this stuff???

Looks like a beautiful hike. I'm a klutz too, so no worries.

Beka said...

grapefruit? ookay. :o)

Girl, you look SO FREAKING AWESOME!! Tell me that you see changes!?! You're getting so lean, and your whole body composition is changing.