Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Okay so you all will hold me accountable and I don't want to let you down, the above is a comp i'm looking at in Sept. Tony is going to whip me into shape after my cruise.Shock

I will then keep my physique and hopefully do the one in October with Sydney!! Then I plan on gaining 20 lbs during Thanksgiving and Christmas. LOL!!!

Looking at the girls from last year I will blow them out of the water!! Tony says I need to think positive and that I will win. I've never been very competitive, sucked at every sport i've ever tried except for color guard. I could throw a mean rifle Teethy

So I need to show up and win the whole thing.

I'm still looking at suits, colors, and other crap you have to do for it. Just to get in it is expensive! This is what I want though so I won't complain. I'll post some suits so you can judge for me.

I saw this guy I work with Saturday morning at Target. He finally got up the nerve today to tell me that when he was walking up the aisle he though "Man that girl has a nice ass" then he realized it was me!! I'll take it as a compliment. He told my boss about it too and my boss thought it was funny. I'm like all the guys sisters around there so it was the topic of discussion today. Funny thing is I always tell them about my poop problem and how sometimes at night when I fart Mike has to sleep on the couch. I'm not much of a lady. Cut The Cheese


Chuck said...

Congrats on making the decision to compete! I am looking forward to reading all about your journey.

Not a bad compliment either :-)

Anonymous said...

lol at the comment.

As for the show, I am SO there! I missed Beka's due to Cub Scout stuff. This one is in town and going on my calendar NOW. You have one fan booked. :)

Trojan said...

You seriously made me snort coffee out my nose...and it was still hot.

I keep seeing lots of the T Diva's going for Comp's and in the back of my mind...I wanna do one too. It's just so mental...Grrrrr

Be strong girl...You CAN accomplish anything you set your mind too

Can't wait to see your progress over the next few months!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woot and Yay! Your going to do awesome and I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching you go thru this! I'm hoping to make it down to Chicago to watch you guys in October!
lol at the ass compliment!

Laurie said...

That is awesome!! I expect to see a new countdown counter as soon as you get back from the cruise.

Love the 20 pounds comment!

Sydney said...

I'm not competitive with anyone but myself--I think that's kind of the draw of figure comp's. You're always out to just be "the best you that you can be". Cheesy and confusing comment--anyway, you get my point.

Where are you cruising to?