Monday, April 16, 2007

I moved

Today at work I had to move desks Bye ByeThey want the Planners and CSR's to be in the same area?? So while everyone loaded all of their junk into huge boxes so that the guy could lift them up on the forklift to the second floor, I walked mine up the stairs! Yes I had to move t0 the "upstairs". At my job the "upstairs" is where all the snobby marketing, presidents etc....have offices. They always have food catered in and just waste money like crazy. They all wear nice clothes, look clean and fix their hair. What? I shower at night after I workout, put my hair in a ponytail and wear these ugly gray pants that are huge and my NSK shirts. I have a uniform and I love it!!! At least when I do look nice and clean people are like April is that you?

I made about 5 trips up the stairs and have about 3 more to go tomorrow. It was a good extra cardio session. So good in fact that I ate 2 bit-o-honeys and a tootsie roll. Pretend like I just didn't type that okay? I think Aunt Flo is just about here and she got the best of me today. So the rest of the week 2 mile morning jogs for me it will be!!!

Peace out


Colette said...

I didn't "read" anything ;)

Good for you bringing up your own boxes. I bet people were like, "what in the world is she doing. We have people to do that." not getting how it's called "not being lazy". So, does this mean that you have to now dress up?? I know what you mean about how people react when they see you dressed up. Usually my hair is in a pony tail too, and no make-up. When my hair is down and make-up on, I get, "what are you dressed up for?" It's funny.

Have a great day!!

Laurie said...

Plugging my ears - LA LA LA LA!!!

Asked my hubby if I should do my hair curly again or go back to straight - he said, does it matter it's always in a ponytail. So true, so true, so sad.