Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pics I promised!

Jan 1st

April 21st

Jan 1st

April 21st
I'll post sides later I gotta got eat!! Mike hubby is grilling out:)
I also want to add that people are starting to tell me I don't need to lose anymore weight. I tell them only 10 more lbs. They are like Scared 1You guys can see where it is going to come from!!! Darn love handles.


Marthab said...

You are looking so great! Your abbies are killer!

Laurie said...

Check out those abs!!! Awesome! Really look great throughout, and you're ready to compete - got that finger point down. LOL!

Fantastic job - you should be proud!

Trojan said...

Man..i want your abs!!!!!! You are looking so hot girl! That is going to be one fun cruise for you:)

Angela said...

WOW! you look wonderful! Especially your stomach! You should be really happy! I would be;)

beth said...

April, Your abs, your abs I love them!!! You are looking awesome! Had to check and make sure I was still listed on your blog :) Your cruise is going to be amazing!