Monday, April 23, 2007

Working out on the cruise

I really hate working out in public. Not because I am afraid people will make fun of me but I just hate peoples germ and behavoirs and stuff. I was thinking about today how I am going to have to use the gym on the ship Thumbs Down Tony said for me to do cardio in the mornings and before the evening dinner if possible. He told me to enjoy my vacation and not to stress out. Of course nutrition is key. My goal is to only gain three lbs. That is a good goal since I WILL BE EATING MORE THAN FISH,CHICKEN,EGGS,ASPARAGUS, BROCCOLI, GREENBEANS AND OATMEAL!!!! Sorry I got a little carried away.

I made cookies this weekend for my boss and did not have a single one!! I even had them on my desk all day at work and watched the fatties scarf them down. I was proud of myself and didn't even want one.

I thought of reasons why I like working out at home better than a gym. That both have good things and bad things but here are my good things.

  1. If you have to pee during your walk/run you can hop off and your treadmill will still be free when you get back
  2. If you need to pass gas go ahead(unless your husband is bench pressing right behing your treadmill)yes I was scolded for that one
  3. You don't have to worry about other peoples germs
  4. Machines and weights are always available
  5. You can watch all of your hard earned muscles when only exercising in undies, shoes and socks!!

3 more working days!!!! Cruising


Barbara said...

Ahhh there is nothing like running on a treadmill while on the sea. Let me tell you...it can be a real challenge.

Still, i know for a fact you can get all your workouts in while on vacation:) Have fun and eat lots of goodies.....Mmmmm midnight buffet sushi. Yum-O

Teresa said...

Great pics! Looking good! I jumped on the home gym bandwagon (thanks to you!) and I worked out all weekend with my husband AND with no shoes on!

I love it!

Laurie said...

You'll do great on the cruise - you are so strongly mentally and physically.

I'm so jealous of of you getting to eat other food in just three days - but I've got 9, so I know I can make it - but my vacation is shorter. Tony hasn't talked me yet about my plan, I'm hoping he forgets :)

I hate working out at home, I just don't have the focus and have to go to the gym, but you bring up some very compelling arguments.

Tracy said...

LOL..you are too funny.

Have an AWESOME time on your vacation.