Wednesday, January 31, 2007

10 things I have learned

1. I can go a whole month without chocolate

2. I didn't eat enough protein before

3. I did too much cardio before

4. I need an MRP shake after a workout

5. Bread and Pasta what's that?

6. I actually like ACV and Lemon juice shots!

7. I can eat pizza and not have to drink a diet rite with it.
Wait a minute! I went a whole month without
eating pizza and diet soda!

8. MMMM...Pizza and chocolate

9. Okay Focus, Yes I can actually be focused and achieve
something, I can do this!!

10. It's nice to pay someone to figure everything out for you! You just have to do it!


Angela said...

what the heck is an ACV???

Now, i want pizza...lol

Marthab said...


1.You LIKE ACV? What the heck is wrong with you?
2. Do you think we'll ever get bread again?
3. Have you asked about a cheat meal?

Reese said...

My most favorite part of the ACV is when my throat closes up for 8.2 seconds after I shoot it. Followed by the ACV burp.

LOVE it....

I hear it enhances sarcasm as well....


p.s.--I have asked for a cheat meal....and asked...and asked..and asked.....


Emma said...

Reese...lol. I am afraid to ask because I don't want to be turned down. So I'm just gonna wait and be surprised...hoping maybe for Valentines day I can go have a tortilla...and cookies. MMMMMMM.

As far as ACV...I can be far from home and it comes to mind and makes me shudder. GAG.

Marthab said...

That was me...my daughter somehow changed my username to hers.

April said...

I remember Tony saying farther in the program you learn to incorporate things like bread!!! He also talked about the importance of nutrient timing that we'll learn?? I am hoping for bread!

I am going to ask for a cheat on Sunday. The Colts are going to the Super Bowl for pete's sake! I won't over indulge like normal but I want to eat something else maybe not bread or chocolate but i'm sure there is something there that I will want to try just a taste:)

April said...

Oh and Angela, ACV is apple cidar vinegar!! YUMMO!

amyella said...

For the record, I actually love apple cider vinegar :)

But I'm weird like that ;)


Reese said...


Bread? What's that?