Monday, January 15, 2007

The Day Has Come....

Of my first weigh in:) The results are:

unfortunately this number will always get smaller too

133 lbs.


WooHoo that is 6lbs of flub gone!!! I am so focused it's crazy!

Since I was 17 I have roller coastered between 109~145lbs. After I got married 7 years ago I was around 115. This was because I was excercising-only jogging-3miles 3-4x a week. A couple years after that I gain about 5 lbs which isn't too bad unless your short and then it sucks. 4 years ago my parents got divorced and I got down to 112lbs. Of course when I saw myself I though I was still fat. This wasn't a healthy looking time for me nor was I doing it the healthy way. After I recovered from that I haven't weighed myself until this year!!!! At the Dr I tell them not to let me know. When I hopped on this year I was horrified! This morning when I hopped on I was like bring it on! I may not ever been 112 again but that is okay. I just want my flub gone, muscles popping, and for my hubby to be like D-A-M-N!


Reese said...

GREAT JOB! Onward and downward!

beth said...

Wow girl, what a great weigh in. You have inspired me to get my focus on track.

Anonymous said...

yay! good for you April! So exciting! Your energy is so GREAT! On a tough day it's so inspiring!

Laurie said...

Wahoo!!! We're the same height too, but you started off less than me weight-wise, do you feel like I'm stalking you yet?