Saturday, January 20, 2007


Is asparagus so dang expensive??? I know the supply and demand is not a factor. Who seriously buys asparagus?

I usually do all of my shopping at Target and now I remember why. Today I did early shopping at Target and thought I'll go to Kroger to see if they have any chicken or fish on sale. When I got there Papa Murphy's(pizza place)was in the lobby handing out free samples. It about made me throw up when I saw all the fat people standing in line just to get there little taste. Like they don't know what it tastes like they obviously have eaten it before. There prices are higher on a lot of things and they don't have cute clothes to look at. I'll always be a faithful Target shopper where the restrooms are clean, it's not crowded and they have a Starbucks Spaz

No I didn't get a coffee from there. If I did it would have been an iced cafe americano with 3 splendas! There's only 20 calories!

I'm going out for my sister's b-day tonight so I called and left Tony a message. I don't know if I should eat again around 9 or 10 or what. I'll probably be out until 1:30. I am normally in bed by 9:00 so I am all confused. I bought a redline energy drink so I will have a little pep. Those things make me poop too! TMI

I had an awesome ab/cardio day today. I was really focused and expect to be sore tomorrow WooHoo!! Tomorrow is rest day which in Tony's mind means only cardio Running