Friday, January 12, 2007

My dogs are barking!!

I seriously need to get new running shoes. Any suggestions? I've tried Nike Shox before and did not like them. I have Nike Free right now and the backs busted out of them finally. I like New Balance maybe I'll try some of those?

My workout out was great today! My weigh in is Monday so I may do some extra cardio this weekend. I am going to work tomorrow to prepare for inventory UGH! It's raining here though so it won't be too bad. I told Tony about my cruise. He said that when that time comes we will prepare for it and he will give me strategies to prevent that 7lb gain I tend to take home as a souvenir. Okay I am doing great right now but when those souffles and mousses are in front of my face I am chowing down!


Reese said...

No suggestions on the shoes...I need some too and can't decide. Maggie over at Caustic Musings had an entry not too long ago about running shoes....

Get that extra cardio in! I wish I had gotten more this week and I am definitely hitting more this coming week!

Beka said...

Good luck on that weigh in!

I have all kinds of problems with running shoes. So no help here :o)

You WILL NOT come back with a 7 lb weight gain from your cruise!! After you start losing all this weight and you're on vacation, I promise you will think at least twice before putting that stuff in your body. :o)