Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Legs today:(

Most people can't wait for leg day. Me on the other hand I dread it because I use to work my legs and they got to bulky:( Maybe now with Tony though he can't put nice lean muscles on them:) Also on leg extensions and curls I have no idea what weight to be using?!# I always feel like after I am done I could go heavier. I am a wuss and i'll admit it. Just don't piss me off when I am drinking something with vodka in it cause then I am not a wuss. Maybe I should take vodka to work in the morning? It looks like water!! NO NO Vodka is fattening! The vanilla kind is really good! NO NO Vodka is fattening!

I really wouldn't take vodka to work;) I am going out this weekend to celebrate my little sister's b-day though and I signed up to be the DD so no alcohol for me!! Wasn't that smart of me?? Usually i'm the one people have to carry in! I'll let you know how my workout went tonight when i'm done with it!!



Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY hated leg day....my pants were always tight for days after and it would just piss me off to where I didn't want to do it BUT then I found Tony :) my pants legs have never been tight and I am squatting and pressing more then I EVER thought I would! Trust me, do the legs like your life depends on it! Leg day is a huge calorie burner don't wuss out! :)