Monday, January 29, 2007


Do not weigh-in again until Saturday morning. You may very well be pushing it too hard. That is WHY I WANTED you to REST yesterday.I will give you another rest day this week. YOU MUST TAKE IT!!!Don't make me fly over there...you know I will... :) :) T

Yikes! I guess I should not have walked hills for 50 minutes yesterday. I explained that I took Friday and off and he still said I should have taken another day off yesterday. He wants me to be prepared for what is to come this week. I AM SCARED! So I will weigh and take pictures Saturday. Being the freak I am too I am thinking I should do some early morning cardio if I am going to have another day off! I need to get these thighs to slim down! Normally its my hips that are the last to go, now it seems to be the outer thighs?? I think my tummy pooch will always be there. Even at 110 lbs I had a pooch, but I didn't have proper nutrition so we'll see!


Reese said...

So are we talking this coming Saturday, the 3rd?

Now I am nervous because I was supposed to do nothing today but I went in for a 20 minute HIIT instead.

Don't tell on me....

Let me know what happens!

Angela said...

Hi April. I have been reading and enjoying your blog that i found through Beka for a while and i never posted. I added you to my links. Hope you dont mind :) All you guys use Tony. Is he that good? I just dont know how it all works. How long have you been working with him?

Beka said...

angela- he's that good. :o) lol

DO what Tony says! But he's a big ole teddy bear...all bark no bite. shhhh :o) lol

April said...

Hi Angela!

Now i'll have to read through your blog! It's like getting a new book:) I love Tony! I tried doing BFL but couldn't stick with it. I wish I could have though I would have more money:)

Yes Reese this coming Saturday! I am nervous but excited too. I won't tell on you if you never tell on me:)

April said...

Forgot to mention i've been working with Tony since Jan 2nd.