Sunday, January 7, 2007

Weekends almost over

Today was a lazy day around the house. Everyone needs those sometimes though. I got on the treadmill for 60 minutes and that was it today. I've set my alarm for a half an hour earlier so I will get my butt out of bed and do 30 min of cardio before work. Those are my plans anyhow. I use to be an early morning person until they went and may us do daylight savings time!! Yes I know Indiana is a little behind. This seriously screwed me up though. It was either be on Chicago's time or New York's time and I would rather be on New York's time because it would get lighter earlier. I think it is a conspiracy with the golfers so they can play longer at night. Well the joke is on them it's dark by 5:30 but the weather has been unusually warm this year!! Anyway that is my excuse for now for not wanting to do double cardio but I will start at least twice a week.

I could not do this without my hubby's support that is for sure. He has been eating a lot healthier too. He is tall and thin and can run like the wind anyway but a good diet has never hurt anyone. Tonight when I was fixing dinner I put the usual protein and green veggie on my plate but then I put the same on his plate with a portion of brown rice and sweet and sour sauce mmmmmm....sweet and sour sauce. This way his stuff will taste a little better and he will keep me around.


Reese said...

I hear ya....My chicken and asparagus just didn't look as good as Russ and Ryan's chicken teriyaki did tonight!

I was good though.

hmmmm....sour cream..... :)

Laurie said...

Wow, this was interesting to read (I had to go back and see how you started with Tony) my husband is a tall, thin, long-distance runner too, and he's been a rockstar about this new diet, and I'm doing the same thing for him, either making brown rice, sweet potato, pasta etc - cause he'd disappear to nothing without the carbs, or be dead on the floor from low-blood sugar. And on the flipside - I hold all my weight in my butt and thighs. You will be definitely a good one to follow progress on - I'm so glad I found you, or you found me, I forget.