Friday, January 19, 2007

The Good and The Bad

I did early morning cardio today!! Yippee!! Also, last night my husband needed something to take to a pitch in sooo....I had a box of brownies from pre-Tony and I made those. I am glad to report that I didn't not have one drop of them!! It was hard and I tortured myself by smelling them but not one drop!

The bad news is I ate a Twizzler!! I don't even like those things I don't know what I was thinking????

I also want you to know that everytime I am on the computer I have to take time out for this

She is crazy but everytime I tell ya!! Play with me, Play with me!! I love her so I do:)
That is fresh new carpet too by the way. I just had my first fresh new spill on it right now oops! Rocky Road protein shake, eh it blends in!


Reese said...

good job today!


Beka said...

You ate a what? Girrrrl.

Cute puppy. :o)