Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Tonight was legs ugh. They are still recovering from last Wednesday:( I made it through though. Tomorrow is Chest, this is my week muscle. I need to really concentrate tomorrow so I can at least get some muscle under my AA cup and look like i have something.

We are going to take my brother-n-law and sister out to dinner tonight. He got a new and great paying job. I am so happy for him and her. I am going to stay on plan and have the greek salad but without feta cheese this time darnit. OOh and chicken on it yummy!

This is officially the longest I have been without chocolate!!! I kept eyeballing the bag of hershey's kisses today and wanted to take one but I didn't. It is not worth it!

By the way, I got up and did extra cardio this morning!! Yay for me:)


Reese said...

Good job on avoiding the chocolate AND hitting the cardio!