Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hump Day!

Well my early morning cardio is complete. Did I mention I did it yesterday too? GO ME!!
I only walk at 4.5 mph for 35 minutes so it isn't an all out sweat fest. I have to keep it sort of quiet so my hubby doesn't wake up! Trying to run isn't that quiet for me:) I have just been waking up earlier than normal and wide awake and I love it!! Tonight is lots of chest and abs. Tony really wants me to build up my chest which I think can only be done with implants:)


Beka said...

Good job girl! Getting that extra cardio in is hard, but totally worth it.

Reese said...

Chiming in to say good job too!
Tomorrow is all cardio for me..so I think I will wait to start morning cardio on another day!