Thursday, April 26, 2007


It's official, I am on vacation! WooHoo! Tomorrow I am getting a pedicure, last minute shopping and my hair trimmed. I was gonna get my hair cut shorter but I think i'll let it grow for the comp? My workout for tomorrow from Tony was titled "Guns before you go-enjoy your cruise and I look forward to getting back to it when you return:^)" I think he is going to make me suffer when I get back.

I broke down and ate a few, well like five Hershey's Kisses today. I told everyone I am getting my stomach prepared so I am now sick while I am eating chocolate souffle mmmmmm!!!! Have you had the coconut kisses? I didn't know they made such a thing. They were tasty but I was proud that I didn't like have an all out chocolate binge fest. I had my fix and that was that.

I am going to miss all of you while I am cruising Crying Into TissueOkay, that may be a little overboard but I thought it was cute. I am also going to miss my MR, ACV and LJ, daily planned workouts, but most of all my doggie. We got out the luggage last night and she started to get sad. I mean we could seriously tell a difference in her behavoir. After 7 years she knows what is coming next. A trip to Grandpas and now he will be taking care of 8 dogs!!!!

Everyone better keep up there awesome workout and nutrition plans! I will be back on board on May 6th.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I left work early today because I needed a new bathing suit Happy I am going shopping Friday too but I just couldn't focus until I got a new suit. It's kind of cute. It was a last minute okay i'll get it type of thing. It's better than all of the old suits I have.

Today is legs Yippee! Couple of new exercises to try which I like. I talked to Tony today and he assured me I won't gain weight on the cruise if I stick to our plan. I love to workout so I will have 24 hours to get 2 cardio sessions in. When I get back he said he will do some rearranging of my nutrition and cardio YIKES! I have roughly 5 months until my comp!!

I already have a posing coach that I have found. The funny thing is she sort of looks like me!! Soon enough I will have a body like hers also.http://www.andimartin.com/

I sent her my transformation pics and she was impressed!! She is so sweet too!! She told me I would only need one posing class which is an hour long. She also does bootcamp session on the weekend at 6.30am. I told her after my cruise I may attend a few of those. Since she has red hair and the same complexion I will be able to learn a lot from her. No way will I stray from ever being a Tony Diva though You Are The Man That is us bowing to Tony!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Working out on the cruise

I really hate working out in public. Not because I am afraid people will make fun of me but I just hate peoples germ and behavoirs and stuff. I was thinking about today how I am going to have to use the gym on the ship Thumbs Down Tony said for me to do cardio in the mornings and before the evening dinner if possible. He told me to enjoy my vacation and not to stress out. Of course nutrition is key. My goal is to only gain three lbs. That is a good goal since I WILL BE EATING MORE THAN FISH,CHICKEN,EGGS,ASPARAGUS, BROCCOLI, GREENBEANS AND OATMEAL!!!! Sorry I got a little carried away.

I made cookies this weekend for my boss and did not have a single one!! I even had them on my desk all day at work and watched the fatties scarf them down. I was proud of myself and didn't even want one.

I thought of reasons why I like working out at home better than a gym. That both have good things and bad things but here are my good things.

  1. If you have to pee during your walk/run you can hop off and your treadmill will still be free when you get back
  2. If you need to pass gas go ahead(unless your husband is bench pressing right behing your treadmill)yes I was scolded for that one
  3. You don't have to worry about other peoples germs
  4. Machines and weights are always available
  5. You can watch all of your hard earned muscles when only exercising in undies, shoes and socks!!

3 more working days!!!! Cruising

Sunday, April 22, 2007


So I e-mailed Tony my progress pics and he was very pleased. On the back picture note I did say maybe 10 more lbs will come from back there. He said I am crazy! That is like 10 grapefruits and you don't have 10 grapefruits back there. Hmm I loved the analogy though!!

Wow yesterday just flew by! I was on the go all day and that normally doesn't happen. Mike, Boomer and I had a great time in Brown County. I forgot that I had killed my legs on Friday until we started going up the hills OUCH! Poor Boomer hates riding in the vette.

Imagine seeing her little face from your car. She doesn't know it but she probably made someone smile.

Here is pic of her and Mike on a huge log. You should have seen me trying to get over that thing. Have I mentioned how unathletic I really am? I am going to look like one but I am clumsy.

Thanks you for all your wonderful comments. Sometimes I feel like nothing is changing so you all help push me along!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pics I promised!

Jan 1st

April 21st

Jan 1st

April 21st
I'll post sides later I gotta got eat!! Mike hubby is grilling out:)
I also want to add that people are starting to tell me I don't need to lose anymore weight. I tell them only 10 more lbs. They are like Scared 1You guys can see where it is going to come from!!! Darn love handles.


That was my weight?? Only .4 down from last time. It's that time of month so that will be my excuse and that is the only one I have. I ate perfectly to what Tony gave me and even had to buy a couple of "special" items. I'm going see if I can do the same diet next week. The following week I will be gorging myself with cruise food!!!!

I use to be a go by the scale girl but have changed since Tony. Actually before T I hadn't weighed in 2 years. One of my idols weighs 135-140 and she is smoking hot! Yes she is a redhead, so since then I don't worry about the weight.

Going grocery shopping, hiking, workout, and then i'll take some pictures!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fun this weekend!

I am anxious to weigh tomorrow. I can see and feel the results on Tony's plan for me this week. I know the numbers don't matter but it's a girl thing I guess. Yesterday's workout killed me, 555 different types of ab exercises!! Tony just happened to call last night so I let him have it:) I really like the way my abs are looking right now so I gave it my all. I'll take pics too sometime tomorrow. I have a busy weekend planned!

Tomorrow Mike, Boomer and I are going to go hiking in Brown County. We're going to take a picnic lunch and relax as a family before Boomer has to go and stay with my dad for the week of the cruise. He is going to have 8 dogs on his hands!! Boomer is not a problem unless i'm around then she asked like the big baby I have made her Oh JeezMike got a new engine put in his Corvette so we will be traveling in this! Boomer has to sit on my lap. Nothing like a 60 lb dog sitting on your lap. She loves it though!

Just for the record and so he'll never know. I hate this car! It is loud, smells like gas and he thinks it's his right to drive fast in it. My Toyota may not be the "coolest" but at least it doesn't smell or suck gas. That's his black car behind the mailbox. Boomer isn't allowed to "pimp" in it. She hangs out of mine and I have scratches down the side. Good thing it is silver. She can only rest her chin on the Corvette's window ledge. MEN!

Sunday I am going to Indy to see my friend Louisa. I haven't seen her forever it seems like. We are going shopping, catching up on things, etc....I can't wait for that either.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reasons I would understand if my hubby left me!

  1. Getting up at 5 am to the sound of what sound like a 200 lb woman on a treadmill
  2. Not being able to go out and eat because some guy in New York has you on a strict meal plan
  3. Your wife's pecs are more muscular than yours
  4. The house smells like eggs
  5. If the house doesn't smell like eggs then it smells like farts
  6. No Carb diet
  7. The drops of apple cidar vinegar on the counter
  8. Spending more money on supplements than groceries
  9. Spends more time looking at half naked women than most men
  10. Hot-tempered redhead(j/k he new that from the start!!)

I don't have to dress up in the "upstairs" yet. I have to go on the shop floor a lot so I need to be in uniform. I tell you I miss being around "my guys". Now we are spread all over up their amongst(did I really just type that)all these prissy women who are driving me crazy. For example here is a conversation today.

Kelly: I was reading in a magazine that you are suppose to eat at least 1400 cals a day

Julie: So I guess we don't need to eat those 100 cal packs anymore huh?

Kelly: I went walking last night!

Julie: I drank a lot last night!

Kelly: I forgot my yogurt for breakfast

Julie: Jeff is bringing in donuts so your covered

Kelly: Oh that is great

See what I mean. This isn't even the worse of it and ive only been up there for 2 days! I need to wear headphones. I would correct them but it's not worth it. This one kid I joke with was eat arby's roast beef and curly fries. He is a cutie and really skinny. I told him that stuff is bad for his heart. He said I have a good heart. I said no, you have a good metabolism. I know all of you can relate to my anger Soapbox

I had a great shoulder workout today. Saturday is weigh in and pictures!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

I moved

Today at work I had to move desks Bye ByeThey want the Planners and CSR's to be in the same area?? So while everyone loaded all of their junk into huge boxes so that the guy could lift them up on the forklift to the second floor, I walked mine up the stairs! Yes I had to move t0 the "upstairs". At my job the "upstairs" is where all the snobby marketing, presidents etc....have offices. They always have food catered in and just waste money like crazy. They all wear nice clothes, look clean and fix their hair. What? I shower at night after I workout, put my hair in a ponytail and wear these ugly gray pants that are huge and my NSK shirts. I have a uniform and I love it!!! At least when I do look nice and clean people are like April is that you?

I made about 5 trips up the stairs and have about 3 more to go tomorrow. It was a good extra cardio session. So good in fact that I ate 2 bit-o-honeys and a tootsie roll. Pretend like I just didn't type that okay? I think Aunt Flo is just about here and she got the best of me today. So the rest of the week 2 mile morning jogs for me it will be!!!

Peace out

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Mornings

I am so bored on Sunday mornings. I just wait around for Mike to wake up for 2-3 hours. I would rather be bored at home though that at work so that is a plus! Thank goodness I checked out Maggie's(caustic musings)blog this morning and kept myself occupied for a bit.

This is me as a doll! This was fun!

Mike and I saw Disturbia yesterday. What really disturbed me was when this kid took a huge spoonful of chunky peanut butter and dip it into a bowl of melted chocolate!! It was a pretty good movie.
My back hurts today from doing deadlifts on Wednesday! I love it! It's hard for me to get my back to be sore because I am really strong in that area. I love doing deadlifts because when I look in the mirror while doing them my abs look like 4 chic-lets(gum). The last 2 pack still needs some work. Tony and I have a plan this week to drop in weight so I hope it works. Last time I weighed I was at 120.8. I think i'll weigh this Saturday and do update pics. I wish Aunt Flo would get here and over with!!!

I bought a cute dress at Target yesterday and now I need to find shoes for it. I don't normally wear dresses but for the cruise you have too. I'm normally in my work uniform or in my underwear. Seriously, when me and my husband both get home the first thing we do is strip off our clothes!! Oh the joys of not having children. He has to dress nice for work though and he always keeps his dress socks and spongebob boxers on, it's so cute! I told him I think we should quit our jobs and move to a nudist colony. Too Happy 1

Did I mention how bored I am? I took this idea off of Danielle's blog. Check her dog out too, cute! This is who people tell me my celebrity look alike is.
Shirley Manson from Garbage.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


We had some good times together but now you are gone. When I laughed you were there and when I cried you were there. You were always there to cushion me when I would fall. You were always the life of the party and everyone loved it when you got crazy. I am going to miss those good times we had together but you will be replaced by a harder and tougher one.

I remember in Color Guard when we did the skit to "Baby Got Back" and you were the chosen one to stand out in front of the crowd! When we'd go clubbin you always got noticed and touched and grabbed and although we didn't always like it we understood. You were like an extra member of the group when we'd dance. Sometimes when you'd get a little silly you'd make everyone laugh. Things just won't be the same with out you but I will move on and find a better you.

I already miss my pants staying up and Mike misses the comfy spot he use to have. We will remember you always.

R.I.P. Butt

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Greasy Chicken makes me sick!!

We had lunch catered into work today: BBQ ribs, Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with loads of butter, extra cheesy macaroni and cheese, green beans, big old rolls, and salad. I thought what the heck i'll save my chicken and asparagus for tomorrow. So I loaded up a plate with salad and got a couple of chicken breast and pulled the skin off. I patted down the chicken and wiped the grease off. After about a half an hour I felt so sick??? Damn greasy chicken I should have known.

When I got home from work it was still a little upset and I am so bloated right now from TOM that isn't quite here yet. I haven't missed a workout yet though so I wasn't about to today. Cardio and 475 reps of various abdominal exercises. OUCH! I worked it hard though and fought through the pain.

Time to catch up on Lost!! I have been doing early morning cardio this week like crazy! I feel so much better when I do this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

I had an awesome, awesome back and tricep workout tonight!! I am getting stronger and I love it! For the first three month I was worried about getting the flub off and I did just that. Now it's time to bring on the muscles. Don't get me wrong my hips and thighs will eventually budge and let go of their fat storage but i'm not worried.

11 more working days until my cruise! HOORAY! I need a nice warm vacation. It is rainy out, I'm having PMS, bloating, the only thing that could happen now is my face to break out, OH WAIT! That is happening too:(

The other planner I work with is on vacation the rest of the week and I have to cover for him. That will at least make the next two days fly by.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007



Okay so you all will hold me accountable and I don't want to let you down, the above is a comp i'm looking at in Sept. Tony is going to whip me into shape after my cruise.Shock

I will then keep my physique and hopefully do the one in October with Sydney!! Then I plan on gaining 20 lbs during Thanksgiving and Christmas. LOL!!!

Looking at the girls from last year I will blow them out of the water!! Tony says I need to think positive and that I will win. I've never been very competitive, sucked at every sport i've ever tried except for color guard. I could throw a mean rifle Teethy

So I need to show up and win the whole thing.

I'm still looking at suits, colors, and other crap you have to do for it. Just to get in it is expensive! This is what I want though so I won't complain. I'll post some suits so you can judge for me.

I saw this guy I work with Saturday morning at Target. He finally got up the nerve today to tell me that when he was walking up the aisle he though "Man that girl has a nice ass" then he realized it was me!! I'll take it as a compliment. He told my boss about it too and my boss thought it was funny. I'm like all the guys sisters around there so it was the topic of discussion today. Funny thing is I always tell them about my poop problem and how sometimes at night when I fart Mike has to sleep on the couch. I'm not much of a lady. Cut The Cheese

Monday, April 9, 2007

I'll have the cottage cheese thighs

Fat Woman 2
I love that Subway commercial where the family is ordering spare tires etc....that was me yesterday. I did well with the food

I won't lie to you and say this is the only dessert I had Blushy Girl

I haven't craved chocolate in a long time and I don't want anymore anytime soon.
I had legs today so I killed them. They were still sore from Friday's workout too. I'll be doing a lot of extra cardio this week. There is a comp i'm interested in doing that is in 167 days!!! We'll see, then there is the one in Chicago that i'm interested in too. Tony says after the cruise we'll hit it hard!! I'm scared. He also talked about a "drying out" diet! Yikes, I already have dry skin j/k.

Couple more Eater pics:

My mom and her spoiled dog. I tease my sister that she just wanted another redhead:)

My hubby Blings

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter Bunny

Enjoy your cheat meal today! I know I will be. Gotta kick it up a notch the rest of the week. After breakfast i'm going to get on the ol treadmill and prepare myself for macaroni and cheese.

Have a great day!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Been shopping....twice!

I went shopping this morning and had a wonderful time trying on clothes. I even called Tony when I had to buy a 5/6 when I had been wearing a 9/10!! He told me those won't fit me in a couple more months:) I still wear juniors people. I am not going into the old lady section yet!!!

My mom called me and wanted to go to the mall. Hmmmm.....okay. We went and she bought some curtains and she also bought me a top. I told you all I was spoiled and of course it is my second b-day Goofy

Well it's time to go torture my poor legs. My abs are sore from yesterday! LOVE IT!!

Happy 2nd b-day to me:)

Today is my birthday number 2 as my parents called it. It is still a big deal with my whole family and may be why I was so spoiled growing up. I'll try to make a long story short.

I was ran over by a car when I was 5. I had every bone in my body broke(except my right arm), surgery for internal bleeding, and I was pronounced clinically dead twice. My little dress I was wearing got hung up on the car and I was drug 75 feet on my head.(explains a lot)

The only things I have still from it is of course some scars, bald spot on the back of my head from being drug(lucky I have tons of hair)aches and pains, hips are aligned different degrees, voice sounds like a raspier Demi Moore, and a pretty good retirement fund:)


Still have Checkers the elephant!

Al Bundy stole this from me:)