Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Mornings

I am so bored on Sunday mornings. I just wait around for Mike to wake up for 2-3 hours. I would rather be bored at home though that at work so that is a plus! Thank goodness I checked out Maggie's(caustic musings)blog this morning and kept myself occupied for a bit.

This is me as a doll! This was fun!

Mike and I saw Disturbia yesterday. What really disturbed me was when this kid took a huge spoonful of chunky peanut butter and dip it into a bowl of melted chocolate!! It was a pretty good movie.
My back hurts today from doing deadlifts on Wednesday! I love it! It's hard for me to get my back to be sore because I am really strong in that area. I love doing deadlifts because when I look in the mirror while doing them my abs look like 4 chic-lets(gum). The last 2 pack still needs some work. Tony and I have a plan this week to drop in weight so I hope it works. Last time I weighed I was at 120.8. I think i'll weigh this Saturday and do update pics. I wish Aunt Flo would get here and over with!!!

I bought a cute dress at Target yesterday and now I need to find shoes for it. I don't normally wear dresses but for the cruise you have too. I'm normally in my work uniform or in my underwear. Seriously, when me and my husband both get home the first thing we do is strip off our clothes!! Oh the joys of not having children. He has to dress nice for work though and he always keeps his dress socks and spongebob boxers on, it's so cute! I told him I think we should quit our jobs and move to a nudist colony. Too Happy 1

Did I mention how bored I am? I took this idea off of Danielle's blog. Check her dog out too, cute! This is who people tell me my celebrity look alike is.
Shirley Manson from Garbage.


Sydney said...

Funny, I'll be waiting for 2.5 hours for S to get up, too! We have our Sunday am ritual at this great breakfast place that will make everything to order. Oh ya-egg whites (dry) and plain oatmeal. We're leaving soon for our cruise, but I refuse to strictly adhere to clothing recommnedations. (Not a dress person, either.)They never say anything as long as you don't look like you just left the pool when you enter the dining room. A formal night will consist of a wrap around skirt and tank--oh, the rebel in me. LOL
(love the peanut butter scene!)

Beka said...

Your cruise is coming up!! Loved the eulogy, too. :o)

Laurie said...

Uh-oh, it's a girl with a plan - get out of her way!! I can't wait to see how your week goes!

doidle said...

Hey April, you're doing so great!! Let's see some more pictures. Your posts are always entertaining.

KatieFeldmom said...

Love the Butt Eulogy!!!!

Colette said...

My husband took our daughter and her friend to that movie...LOVED it! Now I wish I went with them :(

I love shopping at Target!

The eulogy was great! Have a super week!