Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another Great Day!

Eating was 100% clean and I made it through a tough workout. Wow that felt good too:) I may even take another couple shots of ACV and LJ. I kind of like the stuff now???? I'd also like to mention that since I quit taking a million different kind of diet pills my stomach feels soooo much better. My hubby always told me that is what was causing my stomach problems. I think he was right although I will never tell him that :)


beth said...

Great job on the clean eating today...I can't believe it but I gave in to the temptation of pizza crust. Not worth it and now I am feeling like I failed. Back at it...Your weigh in will be awesome-eat your asparagus tomorrow!

Reese said...

Sooooo.....how did it go?????