Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are YOU Serious?

Do you still order the latest and greatest workout gadget? Are you past that yet? I know I am...thank goodness. I still see some things and think hmmmm...then I slap myself in the face and get real. It is NOT easy losing and keeping weight off. It's not suppose to be. If YOU want it then YOU will succeed.

Now i'm seeing these sort of websites all over the internet and blogs HEALTHY DONUTS Are you kidding me? This is just another wave of the "fat free" craze that got America fat in the first place. Oh my they only have 3g of fat! WOW! Just ignore the fact there are 31g of carbs and 14g of sugar people!! That won't go to your butt or thighs because they are fat free!! AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Now if you are one of THOSE people who can eat this kind of crap and stay "healthy" i'm bowing to you and I hate your guts. I don't like donuts so maybe that's why i'm able to say this stuff :) If it was chocolate cake though give me the real thing!


Stomach is STILL bloated like crazy. It's kind of cool though...I have a puffy six pack and my low pelvic muscles are popping out like a guys :) Okay maybe i'm sick and twisted. This is what i'm staring at right now:

No wheat or dairy, only 1 piece of gum at night after brushing my teeth.



GClef1970 said...

I can't stand doughnuts, either. BLEH. Why don't you just eat a tablespoon of lard? That's what they taste like to me.

Good luck with that enema. LOL
(wouldn't prune juice be more pleasant?!?)