Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Step Two Complete

I went for my interview today. There were about 6 others I saw come and go while I was there. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I actually think I would like this job. My last job I managed over 1000 components and this would be a job buying frozen food HA! How awesome would that be? It seems MUCH easier and less stressful than my last job. Like i've said though...if it was meant to be it will be. I'll find out Friday if they need me back for a 2nd interview.


Gramps is home! My aunts and uncles were going to put him in a home for the next 2 weeks so he could gain some strength. Then they decided to just go ahead and take him home and let him live his life there. Grandma isn't capable of doing everything for him but as long as we can all schedule times to make sure he gets his meds etc...she'll be okay. She wants to take care of him :) I heard her say "why are you winking at me?"..grandpa says "i'm just trying to put a smile on your face". Then when I was leaving he told me to keep my powder dry. He always say that to me so it made me cry :'( In a happy way though!


I think i'm getting carb face but I love fruit!!

See those 2 little white cups on the second shelf? Yep, those are PB containers. They've been there for 4 days now!! Can you believe it? Now if that was a whole jar I swear it wouldn't last. My brain works in weird ways.


Stef said...


Kelly Olexa said...

You are so funny about the PB~ have you tried this PB2 stuff? WHOA it's killer and 1/4 of the calories!! Dang!!! ;-) YUMMMMMMM

mb said...

YEP. You are a nut!

*ANA* said...


Melissa Cunningham said...

ill keep my fingers (and toes) crossed for you about the job thing--AND btw that jar of PB i had on saerday i almost gone!!!LOL!!me and my baby girl will finish it up tommorow-she cals it her "monkey peanutbutters" bc it has a pic of a monkey on the jar!too cute!! i am defa big fat carb face right now but hard core starts agon on monday!!! 2 more shows i think??? june 27th and july 11th (in St louis!) one is an NGA pro show the other IFPA-will know this weekend if im for sure doing this!ikes! anyways,good job at staying away from the PB,may the force be with you!!!