Sunday, May 24, 2009

What A Fabulous Weekend!


Mom and I had a GREAT time! I think I helped take her mind of off grandpa for a bit. We ate BBQ for lunch and sampled 4 different flavors of fudge. Vanilla caramel, Turtle Pecan, Peanut Butter, and Heath Toffee. The turtle pecan was my favorite because it wasn't as sugary...did I just say that? The weather was perfect and we walked...ALOT!


Mike and I took Boomer to Brown County for a 3 mile hike. OUCH! My legs are still sore. It was a great workout and afterwards we went and got ice cream :) He got a chocolate ice cream and I got a swirl froyo YUM!


I woke up and it was so nice out that Boomer and I went for a 45 min walk. It was nice to stretch my sore legs. Then I went to Target and I was craving pizza. I bought some flatouts and organic tomato sauce for mine. I also did 45 mins of Lishia Deans amazing fun cardio workout! This was in preparation for the pizza. It was yummy too! I put red onion, tomato, mozarella and a bit of goat cheese on it mmmm...Now all that is out of my system. I'm ready to prep my body for a bikini July 4th weekend.

I skipped my bi/tri workout today. Well I did a few of the exercises but I figure my freaking arms just won't grow so what's the point. Wrong attitude I know but I really just don't care right now.


Angela said...

Love the pics....thanks for the pics of the cows and the horses :) you know i love them....

Adam asked me when i was coming to visit again...he is always trying to get rid of me!!! LOL!

*ANA* said...

i dont c any pics for sat? anyways glad you had a great weekend!

CathyC said...

omg..the bbq sandwich looks awesome and well the fudge needless to say-yum!

Nerd Girl said...

sounds like such a fun weekend!! great pics!