Monday, May 18, 2009

Step One Complete

I placed my application today. It was a hiring event and there were TONS of people there. I must say that again I was the youngest. The guy scanned over it and seemed impressed that I was applying for the purchasing agent and not the admin asst. I gots skills okay! Part of me thinks I NEED a job before I get to use to not having one. Another part of me thinks what if I do get accepted for college etc...ugh! If it was meant to be then it will happen. So while doing my shoulder workout this afternoon I see an unknown number on my phone and let the voicemail pick it up. It was Joy calling from Aldi wanting to set up an interview :) It's this Wednesday at noon.

I want to thank all of you for the wishes on my Gramps and my future. You all are the best!


Becca said...

I must have somehow missed a post somewhere...Your grandpa? :( I hope everything is ok...yeah what you wrote about your grandma sayign it was prob. their last annivessary literally brought tears to my eyes!

We have Aldi's up here, they seem like a good company - SO...That being said, I will say a prayer for you and hopefully you will get this job! OR NOT, I mean, maybe if it's not meant to be... like you said...Either way, things will work out for the best and school or job, your future will be bright.


Tracy said...

Thinking of you today sweets. Huge hug and keep the Faith everything will work out the way it's suppposed to be. :)


Melissa H said...

Tried to post yesterday and Blogger wouldn't let me. You're right: whatever is meant to be, will happen!

C2 said...

Sending up LOTS of prayers for you too Sweets!


Tina said...

Awesome :) Crossing my fingers for you that you find exactly what you are after :) BTW...get that body in shape...I want you to come here and do a photoshoot with me...on the beach :) What do you think, with me and Marissa???? It would be fun :) Better than competing :)

Krissa said...